Effortlessly Share Your Journey: Apple Maps Live ETA Guide

Get ready to transform your travel experience with this ultimate guide to sharing your live Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) via Apple Maps. Not only will we simplify the steps but also provide you with cutting-edge tips to help make your journeys more enjoyable and stress-free for both you and your awaiting friends or family. Dive into this refreshed tutorial for a seamless navigational experience.

Maximize Convenience with Apple Maps Live ETA Sharing

Apple has ingeniously integrated a feature into Apple Maps that allows you to inform contacts of your arrival time with minimal hassle. Introduced in a past iOS update—but constantly evolving to enhance functionality—this Live ETA sharing tool keeps your loved ones updated in real-time, offering peace of mind and fostering punctuality.

Spearheaded during the iOS 13.1 release as a refinement to the typical navigation experience, the Live ETA sharing in Apple Maps presents an intuitive, personal touch compared to Google Maps’ sharing links. Select contacts receive your ETA directly through a nifty integration with iMessage or via SMS, should they not be on an iOS device. Here’s how to master this navigational gem:

Sharing Your ETA with Apple Maps on Your iPhone

  • Launch the Apple Maps app and input your destination.
  • Before hitting the road, tap the familiar “Directions” button, specify the destination address, select your desired path, and initiate your journey with the “GO” button.
  • During navigation, tap the gray banner at the screen’s base, revealing the “Share ETA” option among others.
  • Select “Share ETA” to proceed.
  • Apple Maps will then showcase a list of recent contacts. Simply tap on a contact to share your arrival time. Multiple contacts can receive your ETA simultaneously.
  • If your intended contact isn’t listed, tap the “Contacts” button to locate and share with them directly from your contact list.
  • A gentle reminder at the navigation screen’s bottom will continuously inform you that ETA sharing is active along with the count of informed recipients.
  • A visual cue—a blue-highlighted contact icon—indicates active sharing on the “Share ETA” page. To discontinue sharing with any contact, a single tap on their icon will suffice.


With these straightforward steps, sharing your ETA via Apple Maps is a breeze. Whether you’re commuting daily or heading out on a road trip, this feature ensures that those waiting for you are informed and reassured, while you focus on the road ahead. Embrace the convenience and let Apple Maps enhance your punctuality and safety on every trip.


Q: How do I activate the Live ETA feature on Apple Maps?

A: Simply start your navigation on Apple Maps, swipe up on the gray bar at the bottom, and tap “Share ETA” to begin sharing with your contacts.

Q: Can I share my ETA with non-Apple users?

A: Yes, Apple Maps allows you to share your ETA with anyone, sending notifications via SMS if they are on a different platform.

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