How to Set Up Windows PC for Students

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Since their introduction in 1985, Windows computers have made their way into businesses, schools, and homes and have been loved by many. Before the cell phone took over our lives, a Windows computer was the only digital technology that was widely used across all industries, age groups, and application areas. The popularity of Windows computers is indisputable. According to a Net MarketShare survey, Windows has a global market share of 87.56% for browsing in 2021. For games and developers, the market share is 95% and 45%, respectively.

These numbers alone speak to the recognition of Windows devices among users. What makes Windows computers so popular around the world is their familiarity, ease of use, and affordability. Also, thanks to a variety of freely available Windows application development platforms, the market is full of Windows software that is extremely affordable or free. Windows PCs are widely used in education around the world because Windows 10 for Education is the easiest, most affordable, and most cost-effective PC available on the market. So much so that a computer is synonymous with Windows in most parts of the world.

How to set up a Windows PC for students

configure an antivirus

The web can be a risky place to explore without the proper antivirus application. There are many dangers online, and customers who are not protected can get into a lot of trouble. This is especially true for high school students who may not understand what threats lurk on the Internet or how to properly protect their learning materials.

The dangers do not only affect the Internet browser. PC malware can also infect save files. Malware can also spread through the school network and affect other critical school assets. The most important and essential security that can be given to a PC setup is a decent antivirus software package.

Set up browser for school

Most online classes are conducted through a web portal. Students should spend some energy configuring their web browsers for online classes. While some plugins and bookmarks are essential for typical navigation, they may not be useful for completing schoolwork.

If online platforms such as Google Classroom or Blackboard are used, they should be marked for easy access.

Get Microsoft Office

For qualified students and instructors, the Office 365 Education Suite is free! The essential requirement is that the student has an email address with the .edu extension.

Students can simplify the experience of taking online classes with PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, Excel, Microsoft Teams, and other office suite applications for free.

Install a note-taking app

OneNote makes it easy to take, save, and organize notes from classes, study meetings, and tests. Helps the learner classify and name milestones in online courses and learning materials, such as readings, project documents, and practice tests. That way, they have everything coordinated and in one place for easy access when the need arises.

Tidy up your desk

It is a known fact that organization is critical to academic achievement. But many students neglect one important factor that makes their workstations cluttered and uncoordinated.

While a cluttered workspace can confuse a student and dampen their productivity, a neat workspace can support both speed and access. With the right shortcuts in place, a well-organized desk will give students the extra free time they crave.

Upgrade PC for correspondence with instructors and cohorts

Before the computerized age, the only line of correspondence between students and instructors was up close and personal. However, this was not possible in general. If one is requesting an explanation about a lesson, PCs and various devices make talking to teachers easier than in recent memory.

Additionally, many school classes are now using Google Hangouts and other online correspondence platforms. Using these can also help you gain easy access to teachers and fellow students.

Block distracting apps

The removal of clearly diverting programs like games and music is just the beginning. A student can also remove all pop-ups so they are not distracted by notifications, tweets, Facebook likes, etc. Doing so will allow the student to focus on the main work and avoid annoying or diverting notifications.

Redo Start menu, taskbar, and Action Center

Students can reset the Start menu to launch the apps they need for homework. They simply need to put the program of their choice in a group, along with all the necessary school applications. If students are creating illustrations or mixed media projects, their important apps and documents will be placed in their own category.

Treat the taskbar as comparable to the Start menu: This means that students should pin only those apps to the taskbar that are used frequently. To save layer space, you can usually choose to group different running instances of an application on the taskbar.

When clearing the Start menu of unwanted apps, you should also check which apps start automatically. There is no point in allowing applications to eat up significant PC resources if they are rarely used.

Set up a separate loan account

Sooner or later, during online classes, students may need to share their screen. It can be for group work using Skype or Zoom Meeting, to speak with an educator, or to address the whole class.

This features some possibly humiliating moments. A student can inadvertently share their private messages or files while sharing their screen. Setting up a different PC account for learning will help prevent this.

Design a strong backup framework

Backups are important to protect valuable documents. Since cloud storage has become the standard, important files may and will be restored if the laptop is dropped from bed, accidentally heated in the microwave, or lost.

Setting your backup and restore options to a trusted cloud like Microsoft OneDrive can protect your research papers, school projects, and class notes. In any case, backup is not provided inherently, and one must tell PC settings which files and folders to back up.

In the event of a disaster, the student would have access to the learning materials from any computer. A student can even set up password protection for files that contain the most sensitive materials, such as homework and tests.

Final words: How to Set Up Windows PC for Students

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