How to SIM unlock iPhone 14

Hello everyone, today in this article we will show you how to unlock the SIM of the iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 does not have an unlock code or any kind of sequence. It is officially unlocked on Apple’s servers, which means that even after a system update or factory reset the device will remain unlocked. To unlock an iPhone 14 you must provide the IMEI number, which can be found by dialing *#06# or checking the iPhone settings. The second thing is to provide the correct network for unlocking. You always remove the lock from the network where you purchased the iPhone, not the one you will use in the future. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Apple’s new iPhones, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max, were made official earlier this month. These are premium smartphones that, like every year, come with a high price tag. It is one of the reasons why many buyers opt for the “carrier-locked” variants to avoid paying the full amount up front. If you are here reading this article, it means that you own a carrier-locked iPhone and are looking to switch. It is also possible that you are interested in purchasing a carrier-locked variant but want to know how to unlock the iPhone 14 SIM before proceeding. Either way, you have reached the right place, as we have covered both free and paid SIM unlocking methods.

How to SIM unlock iPhone 14

Some carriers, such as Verizon, automatically unlock the iPhone after 60 days of purchase. Once this window is completed, you can insert a SIM card from any other operator and start using it. Many operators require you to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone 14.

Step 2: Tap General followed by About.

Step 3: Scroll down until you find the IMEI section. Note it down somewhere as you will need it.

Step 4: Call your carrier’s customer support number and raise a SIM unlock request.

Step 5: If you meet all criteria explained above, the customer rep should accept the request and send you SIM unlock code via email. It could take 2-5 days to arrive.

Step 6: Insert the SIM from another carrier in your iPhone 14 after receiving the code.

Step 7: Follow on-screen steps and enter the code when asked for. This should SIM unlock your iPhone 14 for free.

Step 8: The process is a little different for T-Mobile users as they need to use the official unlock app from the carrier.

SIM unlock iPhone 14 via paid code:

Step 1: Visit the Android SIM Unlock website and search for iPhone 14.

Step 2: On the device page, enter its IMEI number and your email address. You also need to enter the carrier’s name and country.

Step 3: The IMEI number can be found by visiting Settings > General > About > IMEI. You can also dial *#06# to get the number.

Step 4: Complete the checkout process by making the payment through your preferred method.

Step 5: Your SIM unlock code will be sent to you via SMS or email.

Step 6: Enter the SIM card from another carrier and follow the on-screen steps. Enter the unlock code when it tells you to.

Step 7: This should unlock your iPhone 14 instantly.

SIM unlock iPhone 14 on T-Mobile or Metro by T-Mobile

Step 1: Find your device’s IMEI number using the methods explained above.

Step 2: Find the T-Mobile Device Unlock or MetroPCS Device Unlock service for your phone.

Step 3: Enter the IMEI number and complete the checkout process.

Step 4: Wait for 1-3 days to receive an email that confirms that the unlocking process is complete.

Step 5: Enter the SIM from another carrier and launch the official Device Unlock app.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our article on How to Unlock SIM iPhone 14. And there you have it! Your iPhone should be unlocked and free to use on any network. Your iPhone may be locked by your carrier. Unlocking your iPhone means you can use it with different operators. If you liked our article, please share it with others.

I hope you understand this article, How to SIM unlock iPhone 14.

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