How to Solve Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle

This article is about how to solve Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle. The Astral Puzzle can only be found in Mona’s domain. To gain access to it, travelers must first participate in the new event that appeared in download Genshin Impact 2.8 on PC with the update for this patch. The quest that the travelers have to face is called “The Ancient Azure Stars”.

During the quest, players will enter Mona’s large and sprawling realm. And while there, they have to solve four astral puzzles. Just a heads up, these puzzles games are a bit difficult. So, it’s quite possible that you’re one of those travelers who are stuck on this task and need a quick solution. Genshin Impact’s astral puzzles, If you’re stuck with the ending of Mona’s Phantom Realm.

There’s also a guide to the Phantasmal Conches for those who want to get Fischl’s new outfit for free, and we have information on the abilities of the upcoming Sumeru characters: Collei, Dori and Tighnari(opens in a new tab). The Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle is one of the main recurring elements during the Ancient Azure Stars Quest. The astral puzzles are part of Mona’s domain and are only available during the Summer Odyssey event. If you want to complete the event and get the maximum amount of rewards, there is no other way but to align the stars correctly. Below, we have mention the steps to Solve Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle.

4 Method to solve Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle

The first Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle

The pattern for the first Astral Puzzle is right above your head, pictured on the ceiling. It’s shaped like a triangle with a line drawn through it.

Step 1: Start by making the three orbs in the triangle point towards each other (clockwise or counter clockwise, both are fine).

Step 2: Then make the three orbs on the outside point inward. Look at the arrows in the picture; the one that’s furthest away from the door is pointing towards the orb that’s closest to Zhongli.

The second Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle

The pattern for the second astral puzzle is hard to find. It looks like there is nothing in the sky, but the zodiac sign is visible through the crack in the ceiling on the right (eastern) side of the room. You can interact with the little star on the wall and it will show you the right place. This is how you solve this astral puzzle:

Step 1: First, create a triangle with the orbs on the outside.

Step 2: The line on the left goes through the orb in the middle. You should point this orb inward.

Step 3: The orbs in the middle form a line from left to right.

The third Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle

No need to scan the ceiling this time. The pattern for Astral Puzzle three is on the right, behind the transparent seal. This pattern looks very complicated, but here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Every orb on the outside should point inwards, except the ones in the upper right corner.

Step 2: You have a “spare” orb on the outside. Just aim it back at the other orb (basically a double line) and you’ll be fine.

The fourth Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle

The zodiac sign for the fourth Astral Puzzle is also on the ceiling. However, you need to operate the rotation square to display it. There are three shapes, two roundish/oval ones and one shaped like a falling star. The falling star is the one you need.

Step 1: The triangular “base” is closest to the door, and the five lines at the top are furthest from the door. The opposite of how the zodiac is displayed on the ceiling.

Step 2: Use the five orbs closest to the entrance to create a triangular shape.

Step 3: The remaining five orbs must point to the top of the triangle.

Final Words

We hope you understand this article, how to solve Genshin impact Astral Puzzle. what makes Astral Puzzles so puzzling is the fact that each device can only emit one beam of light, and only in a single direction. You can rotate the devices to choose the direction of the beam, but otherwise you have to figure out where to shoot each beam so that the resulting light pattern on the floor matches the pattern you are trying to copy. Sometimes the constellation is hidden or obscured, and the clues are in a different place.

I hope you understand this article, How to Solve Genshin Impact Astral Puzzle.

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