How to Stop Facebook Ads From Tracking

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Check How to Stop Facebook Ads From Tracking

Facebook tracks just about everything you do, from your favorite Pages to your political affiliation. It even tries to find out your race. All information is done so that you can receive relevant ads. You are not alone if you had no idea that you were being watched all the time. According to research from the Pew Research Center, 75% of Facebook users do not understand how the ads sent to them are created. Fortunately, you can disable tracking and targeting. Here’s how to turn off personalized Facebook ads.

How to Minimize Facebook Ads Tracking You

To better serve advertisers, Facebook developed an advanced user behavior tracking system to provide ads targeted to users’ interests. The system monitors your profile information and behavior on Facebook and elsewhere. Many people consider this type of tracking and targeted advertising to be a privacy issue, while some appreciate seeing targeted ads instead of random ads. Here’s how to change, restrict, manage, and deny ad permissions on Facebook.

  • Launch Facebook in a web browser and select the Account icon (downward triangle).
  • Select Settings and privacy.
  • Select Settings.
  • From the menu on the left, select Ads.
  • With the Advertisers tab selected, you’ll see the advertisers you’ve recently viewed.
  • Select Hide Ads to hide ads from these advertisers.
  • With the Ad Themes tab selected, view and manage ad themes.
  • Select Show less to see fewer ads on a specific topic.
  • With the Ad Settings tab selected, manage the data used to show you ads.
  • Select Data about your partner activity to allow or deny Facebook permission to show you personalized ads based on your activity.
  • Under Choose where we can use data from our partners to show you personalized ads, select Facebook and/or Instagram. Or leave these options disabled to deny Facebook or Instagram permission to show you personalized ads based on data about your activity from their partners.
  • Select Categories used to communicate with you to allow or deny advertisers access to your profile information.
  • To choose whether your profile information can be used to serve you ads, turn any demographic categories on or off, such as Employer, Education, Job Title, and Marital Status.
  • Under Interests and other categories used to communicate with you, select Interest and other categories to remove yourself from a demographic category, such as online shopping or parenting.
  • Select Audience-Based Advertising to see advertisers who include you in their audience demographics to show you ads.
  • You’ll see a list of advertisers whose audiences include you and for whom you can see ads.
  • Select an advertiser to see more information about the business and why it’s included in your audience.
  • For example, they may have uploaded or used a list to contact you. Select the reason to restrict the advertiser’s access to you.
  • Choose whether this advertiser’s listings can be used to show you ads. Select Don’t allow to deny the permission.
  • You can also select Don’t Allow to avoid being excluded from certain ads.
  • Select Ads shown outside of Facebook to allow or deny advertisers from communicating with you outside of Facebook.
  • Select Allowed or Not Allowed to allow or deny Facebook advertisers from communicating with you on other platforms, such as partner network websites.

Final words: How to Stop Facebook Ads From Tracking

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