How to Stop Skype Launching at Startup on Windows PC

Without a doubt! If you find the Stop Skype Launching at Startup on Windows PC to be a little annoying, you can easily take control of the situation again. You can disable the auto-start feature of Skype by going into the settings for your computer’s operating system. The steps are very comparable whether you use the app that comes standard with Windows 10 or the desktop version.

To begin, launch the Task Manager by right-clicking anywhere on the taskbar and selecting “Task Manager” from the context menu that appears. Locate Skype in the “Startup” tab, right-click it, and select “Disable” from the menu that appears. This ensures that Skype is put to sleep until you choose to manually bring it back to life.

When you take control of the programmes that launch with your system, you not only simplify the process of booting up your computer, but you also gain the ability to prioritise what programmes start up. Therefore, no more unexpected calls on Skype or other distractions; just a more individualised experience while using the computer. When you customise the settings for how the computer starts up, you take control of your digital experience.

How to Stop Skype Launching at Startup on Windows PC

Disabling Automatic Startup

Skype’s automatic startup feature launches the program in a new window when you log in to your PC. By toggling this setting off, you can prevent Skype from starting automatically and gain better control over your startup processes.

Starting Skype in the Background

Alternatively, you can choose to have Skype start in the background, where it will automatically minimize itself to the notification area upon launch. This can be a useful compromise for staying connected without the full app opening up.

Keeping Skype Running When Closing

If you’ve experienced Skype continuing to run in the background after closing the window, it might be due to the “When closing, keep Skype running” setting. Disabling this feature will ensure that Skype fully closes when you exit the program.

Configure Skype’s Settings

  1. In the Skype app, click the three-dot menu and select Settings.
  2. Open the General tab.
  3. Click Settings next to Automatically start Skype. This will bring up the Startup Apps list.
  4. Search for Skype and turn off the toggle next to it.

Insightful Tips and Facts

Did you know that adjusting Skype’s startup settings can significantly improve your PC’s performance and startup time? Stay in control of your PC’s resources by customizing Skype’s launch behavior. Discover more about optimizing app startup settings and enhancing your Windows 11 experience.


In conclusion, taking charge of Skype’s startup settings can lead to a smoother and more efficient Windows 10 experience. By understanding and customizing these settings, you can tailor Skype’s behavior to best suit your needs. Unleash the full potential of your Windows 10 PC by optimizing Skype’s startup settings and enjoy a seamless user experience!


Why is Skype always running Windows 10?

If you keep asking yourself, “Why does Skype keep popping up?” it’s likely because it’s running in the background. This might be taking place because: For messages and alerts: To get notifications and messages right away, Skype needs to be running in the background.

How do I quit Skype on Windows?

Right-click on Skype in the task bar and choose “Quit.” If you don’t see Skype in the task bar, right-click it or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Then, go to Task Manager, find Skype, and click End Task.

Why is Microsoft discontinuing Skype?

Teams, Microsoft’s business chat app, was being built at the same time but with more up-to-date technology. It came out in 2017. An analyst at CCS Insight named Angela Ashenden said, “Microsoft has been moving beyond Skype for a few years now. Teams is its strategic voice and video technology for the new era.”

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