Android TV’s Live Tab: How to Use it

As the way people watch TV at home changes, cable is going the way of the dinosaur and streaming is taking over. Providers are looking into the best ways to get all kinds of shows to people who want to watch them. If you want to Android TV’s Live Tab: How to use it.

Because of this, there are also more and more live-streaming TV channels, in addition to the growing number of streaming apps that let you watch shows whenever you want. The only bad thing about these channels is that they all need their own apps and accounts, which may be more work than some people are comfortable with.

Because of this, the people who made Android TV streaming players wanted to cut out the middleman and give you live-streaming TV directly. No more messing around with apps or looking at five different channel guides. The Live tab on Android TV has all the channels from a TV Guide, ready for an afternoon of mindless surfing.

Steps to Use Android TV’s Live Tab

  1. Ensure your Android TV is connected to the internet and powered on.
  2. Press the “Home” button on your TV remote.
  3. Go to the “Live” tab, usually located next to the “Home” tab or in the main menu.
  4. Select the Live Tab to access the live TV interface.
  5. Browse the available live TV channels or sources in the grid or list on the Live Tab.
  6. Use the TV remote’s arrow keys or navigation buttons to highlight a specific channel or source.
  7. Press “OK” or “Enter” on the remote to tune into the selected channel or source.
  8. Use the arrow keys or number buttons on the remote to change channels or navigate the program guide while watching a live channel.
  9. Press the “Home” button on the remote to exit the Live Tab and return to the home screen or another app.

What is Android TV’s Live Tab?

Android TV's Live Tab: How to use it

The Live tab is a new part of the home menu on Android TV. As the name might suggest, the main thing it sells is live TV channels. From the Live tab, you can quickly and easily access live channels from Google’s own curated list as well as an integrated list of channels from the major free live streaming apps like Pluto TV, Tubi, Plex, and Haystack.

There are also extra channels from Google TV on the list, which can all be watched right from the Live tab. With the Live tab’s own channels and all of the channels from its supported services, you can watch more than 800 live-streaming TV channels in ten different languages, all of which are free and can be watched whenever you want.

All of your favorite basic cable channels are here, like CNBC, ABC, and Fox, which are all big news networks. Premium channels from services like YouTube TV are the only thing that aren’t already built into the list. However, you can still get to these services from your regular app bar.


Can I watch live TV on Android TV box?

Yes, you can watch live TV on Android – and you don’t need cable to do it. Below, we’ll lay out the different types of services that you can use to watch live TV on Android, and we’ll run through the specific services that you may want to try out. Here’s how to watch live TV on Android.

What is the difference between live and live streaming?

Streaming is where you directly broadcast a video to a source such as youtube. Live is basically you record a video as its happening and post it after you edit the video, or in short streaming except you edit it and post it later.

What is the difference between live TV and live streaming?

The main difference between streaming and watching TV is the content transmission technology. Streaming depends on the internet, while watching regular TV depends on an antenna, cable networks, or satellite service. Streaming also allows you to watch what you want when you want.

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