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It is inconvenient when you delete files from your computer by mistake and find it hard to restore such files. Then I have wonderful news for you. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the most popular software solutions to recover lost, deleted, destroyed or damaged files. Although no data recovery program can recover everything, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro excels at recovering lost and deleted files. This technologically advanced program allows users to quickly recover all lost, formatted and RAW data on various versions of Windows.

How to use EaseUS

EaseUS is impressively simple to use. Start by installing the EaseUS software, which you can get from the EaseUS website here for PC and here for Mac. Once you’ve set up the software, you’ll be prompted to select the destination location for recovery. Simply hover over the relevant location, then click Scan – the scanning process will start immediately, where EaseUS searches the destination location for each and every file, including damaged and deleted photos. You will see a countdown at the bottom of the screen giving you an estimated scan time. And the files will start appearing in the EaseUS window as they are identified for recovery. If you wish, you can let the scan continue until it is finished, but you also have the option of recovering already discovered files. In other words, you can let the scan run in the background while it retrieves the files that are already present in the EaseUS window.

Eventually, you will need to select the files you want to recover. Just hit the check mark next to the file names: then select Recover. If you only want to recover certain files, you have the option to filter specific file types through tags. Or filter specific file types through the Filter option. In fact, you can get even more granularity with the Advanced Filter; just open the Filter menu, then click Advanced Filter: And select your filter options to bring up specific files as you scan. After pressing the Recover button, you will be prompted to select a location to store the recovered files: Press OK and you will be able to see the progress bar as your files are recovered. Once the recovery is complete, EaseUS will automatically start the location with your recovered files. You can also click the View Recovered button to start the location manually: then you can immediately access your recovered files!

How does EaseUS Data Recovery work?

I tried EaseUS Data Recovery with my own formatted memory card and it worked perfectly. When I finished the recovery process, I had access to all my photos (all in perfect condition!). Of course, it’s impossible for me to test every scenario and every file type, but my Olympus RAW images came back safe and sound, and I’m sure EaseUS could effortlessly handle many other situations. I was very impressed with the ease of recovery. The process was remarkably simple and literally took no effort at all with the software. And I also liked the speed of recovery, because while some recovery software takes hours and hours to scan and recover photos, EaseUS had the 20+ deleted photos ready for recovery in five to ten seconds. The recovery process itself took thirty seconds tops.

Since I was only recovering Olympus RAW images from an SD card, I didn’t have much use for the filtering features. But if you are looking to recover selected media from a hard drive full of files, filtering is invaluable, it will allow you to find and select the files you are looking for, without having to spend valuable time sifting through the entire set of recovered items. . And I’m a big fan of the “recover while scanning” option, which allows you to recover already discovered items while EaseUS continues to scan the drive. When I was testing the software, I didn’t have to wait for all the deep analysis to finish. Instead, I started retrieving images as soon as EaseUS identified them.

A word of caution: there are times when EaseUS Data Recovery will fail; that is the nature of recovery software. If your photos or videos have gone too far, even the best recovery software won’t be able to rebuild them. For example, if you fill up a memory card, format it, and fill it up again, the first set of images will almost certainly be unrecoverable, so always, always, always have a proper backup system in place from the start. And if you ever come across a formatted memory card that you need to recover, do not under any circumstances overwrite that card with new images.

Final words: How to use EaseUS

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