How to Use Instagram Dual Camera Feature on Android, iOS

In this article we will teach you about How to Use Instagram Dual Camera Feature on Android, iOS. One could argue that Instagram is a social media network like no other. Instead of words, the platform is designed almost exclusively to share images and videos. This visual twist is why Instagram is the cultural powerhouse it is today — “Instagramming” is now officially a verb. With over a billion registered accounts, Instagram, bought by Facebook, has become a part of everyday life. It seems like everyone is on Instagram these days, from small to large businesses, news organizations to cultural institutions, celebrities, photographers and musicians, not to mention the cottage industry of influencers that have sprung up as a result.

It’s hard to remember a time before Instagram. “Do it for the gram” used to be a common saying, which essentially meant “do something so we can take a picture and post it on Instagram.” Since then, Instagram has put a bigger and stronger emphasis on video. So you don’t hear the phrase “do it for the gram” anymore. But I bet that a second version of the sentence will follow soon. (Maybe “Do it for reel?”)

The new “dual” camera feature allows users to capture content with their rear-facing camera while simultaneously recording their reaction to the event with their front-facing camera. The rear camera captures most of the screen, while the content captured by the front camera appears in a small window within it, showing the user’s reaction to the main video. With some amazing features like this you can also easily increase Instagram Followers

Instagram has added a “dual” feature to the Instagram Reels camera, which allows users to record videos using the front and back of their device at the same time. For example, users can record an event with their rear-facing camera and simultaneously record their reaction to the event with their front-facing camera.

How to Use Instagram Dual Camera Feature on Android, iOS

Step 1: Open the Instagram on Android or iPhone.

step 2: Tap Plus icon at the bottom of the screen,

Step 3: tap the Reel option to start creating reel.

Step 4: Now press new Dual icon that appears at the bottom of quick access menu bar on the right if you are using an Android device and on the left if you are using an iPhone.

Step 5: Press the camera icon to start recording the reel and press it again when you are done recording it.

Step 6: Now hit Preview button at the bottom to preview the reel and add other elements to it like music, stickers, text and effects.

Step 7: Once you are done editing the coil, tap the Next button in bottom right corner of Instagram.

Step 8: In the screen that follows, add a caption, location, and you can tag people also if you want to.

Step 9: press the share button to share the reel on Instagram.

Final Words

We hope our article on how to Use Instagram Dual Camera Feature on Android, iOS will help you and resolve all your problems. After TikTok was ban in many countries specially in India there was a complete emptiness in the social media sites as TikTok was became the core for trending videos but after ban Instagram came up with it’s new feature called reels, you can use Instagram reels to create videos regarding many things like sex education, comedy, dancing etc.

You can also Mix Audio On Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels is very strong social media tool that helps to raise your voice for the things you believe in. Using Instagram reels will help you to earn money and fame as well many celebrities use Instagram to increase their popularity.

I hope you understand this article, How to Use Instagram Dual Camera Feature on Android, iOS.

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Editorial Staff
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