How to Use Plex Live TV with DVR

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Check How to Use Plex Live TV with DVR

Plex Live TV is built on top of Plex Media Server, software that lets you organize your digital media library and stream it to virtually any Internet-connected device. Extends Plex Media Server with built-in Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and the ability to watch live TV from the same software. The way Plex Live TV works is that you install Plex Media Server on a computer or network-attached storage (NAS) device and then connect it to an antenna using special hardware.

Plex Media Server can then receive free TV streams, convert them to a digital format, and then save the video for later use or live streaming to a compatible device.

How to use Plex Live TV with DVR

Set up your DVR tuner

This process varies a bit depending on the type of antenna and the type of tuner you have. Generally though, the setup goes like this: connect your antenna to your DVR tuner, and then connect your tuner to your router. Whether you do this with or without an amplifier, and over Ethernet or Wi-Fi, largely depends on the type of equipment you have. If you follow the instructions that come with your devices, you should have no problems.

Just remember: the antenna receives the TV signal. The DVR tuner decodes it. The router distributes the signal to the rest of the network. As long as your setup allows all of these steps in this order, you’ll be fine.

Download and run Plex Media Server (computer or Shield TV)

  • After installation, you have the option to start the program immediately. If it’s already on your system, you can simply right-click the icon on your taskbar and choose Open Plex. This will display the user interface in your web browser.

Open the Server menu (computer or Shield TV)

  • Click the settings icon (the wrench icon in the top right), then select “Server” in the top row of options. Then navigate to “Live TV & DVR” from the menu on the left.

Connect your DVR tuner

  • Click “Set up Plex DVR” in the “Live TV & DVR” menu to start the process. Then wait for Plex to find your DVR tuner on the network.
    • In case it doesn’t do it automatically, you can enter your tuner’s IP address manually. (See your tuner’s instructions for more details on how to do this.) Click Continue once you have selected your tuner or programmed your address.

Search channels

  • Your tuner may have already found channels, but it wouldn’t hurt to re-scan. (My tuner found 35 channels initially and 65 on rescan.) Just click the button that says Scan. You will also have to enter your connection type (antenna), your country and your postal code.
  • Now, you’ll need to be patient for a few minutes while Plex finds the channels in your area.

Confirm your channels

  • Plex’s list is probably accurate, so feel free to accept and move on to the next step.
  • But if you know your local programming inside and out, it’s probably worth checking to make sure all the channel names are correct.

Let Plex compile a recording program

  • This step is optional, but Plex will automatically (and periodically) scan your local airwaves to get an idea of ​​everything that’s playing in the coming weeks.
  • You can start watching shows right away, but if you wait a bit (5-30 minutes in our experience), you’ll know exactly what shows are playing as soon as you start using Plex. Again, the program will do this in the background if you don’t do it now, so you can’t mess it up in any way.

Use Plex’s Live TV Features

  • Setup is now done and you can enjoy live TV on your computer or Shield TV.

Watch it on your TV (or mobile device)

  • If your preferred Plex platform is a streaming player, game console, smart TV, or mobile device, you need to take an extra step. Download Plex for the platform of your choice, sign in, and then navigate to Live TV as you normally would to your Movies or Music folder. Please note that while most Plex platforms support Live TV, not all do. (Older smart TVs don’t support it for obvious reasons, nor does the PS4 for reasons that are less obvious to us.)

Final remarks: How to Use Plex Live TV with DVR

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