How to Use ShareX on Windows 10/11

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ShareX is a free screenshot tool that allows you to capture or record any area of ​​your screen. Some of the possible methods are full screen, active window or monitor, custom area, screen capture, scrolling capture, and auto and text screenshots. With a single keystroke, you can share your screenshots instantly. ShareX is a more complete alternative to other free utilities like Greenshot, Snipping Tool++ and MWSnap. The app not only offers screenshots but also an impressive selection of image and video editing tools.

With these, you can further improve the quality of your project. ShareX is an open source project developed by Jaex and Michael Delpach, which guarantees a clean installation without additional third-party components. It’s an inconspicuous app that sits unobtrusively on your taskbar. Among its freeware competitors, it is the most impressive and feature-rich. It not only offers several screenshot options, but also comes with a photo and video editor. Below are the steps to use ShareX on Windows 10/11.

How to use ShareX in Windows 10/11

ShareX is a free screen recording program that is very useful and efficient. It has some amazing advanced hotkey systems. With ShareX you can do all sorts of things, like take screenshots of the entire screen using the “Print Screen” button.

It is also possible to take screenshots of specific windows or specific areas of the active screen. You can instantly edit your screenshots by adding squares, circles, arrows, text, blur, pixelation, etc.

  • When you start ShareX, there are two ways to use it. You can use the program window to access the various tools. Another method is to minimize the system tray window, find the ShareX icon and right-click on it. You will also find the same categories listed here. On the home screen of this tool, you will find a list of the most popular hotkeys. It is useful for those who prefer to use keyboard shortcuts. For example, you must press the hotkey Alt + Print Screen to capture an active window.
  • You can even change these given hotkeys by navigating to Hotkey Settings. This software allows you to assign your own keys that are comfortable and convenient to use. You can even add a new hotkey/shortcut button here by clicking the Add button.
  • If you want to take a screenshot, you have many other options. On the left sidebar of the tool, select Capture and you will see a list of options (such as Full Screen Capture, Window Capture, Monitor, Region, Screen Recording, Scrolling Capture, Auto Capture, etc.) available to capture the screen.
  • ShareX freeware also allows to capture the screenshot after a specified time delay. You can select between 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds and 5 seconds.
  • Even for screen recording, you can use the shortcut button Shift + Print Screen to start/stop screen recording or go directly to capture and select Screen Recording. The best part of ShareX is that you can record any part of the screen. Similarly, you can use this program by using the shortcuts button directly or by going to the capture button on the top left sidebar for the necessary utility.
  • If you ever need to convert any of your video files, ShareX has a handy video converter. On the home screen, go to Tools and select Video Converter. A new window will open for you to enter video files you would like to convert. When you click Tools besides video converter, there are other useful utilities to check. Some tools include a screen color picker, image editor, ruler, DNS changer, QR code generator, directory indexer, and much more.
  • The QR code maker is quite useful and restaurants have been using it lately to access their menus. Copy and paste the URL in the box to create the new QR code; to do this, go to Tools and select the QR code.

Final words: How to Use ShareX on Windows 10/11

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