Unlocking the Power of Quick Tap on Google Pixel for Snapchat

Embark on an exciting journey to enhance your Google Pixel experience with the innovative Quick Tap to Snap feature—a seamless integration that lets you dive into Snapchat with a simple double-tap on your device’s back. This guide has been meticulously updated to showcase the step-by-step process of activating and enjoying this feature. If you find this guide helpful and enjoyable, please consider sharing it with your circle to help others unlock the full potential of their Google Pixel devices.

Transform Your Lock Screen with Quick Tap to Snap

Quick Tap to Snap is an exclusive feature introduced for Google Pixel, starting from the Pixel 4A 5G model and embracing its newer counterparts. As a result of the collaboration between Google and Snapchat, your access to cherished moments and swift snap sharing is as effortless as ever. In addition to Quick Tap to Snap, Google’s recent Pixel updates have ushered in a suite of enhancements—including the Pixel 6 Pro’s ultra-wideband (UWB) functions, new accessibility modes, and broader support for life-saving features like car crash detection.

While the UWB chip initially lay dormant, it now powers an improved Nearby Share experience, signaling a leap in seamless file transfers to other UWB-equipped devices, such as select Samsung models. Though the comparative features like Apple’s Precision Finding or Samsung’s SmartTag integration are not yet present on the Pixel, these upgrades illustrate Google’s commitment to harnessing the full scope of its technology.

Mastering Quick Tap on Google Pixel

Access Quick Tap Settings

  • To start, swipe up on the home screen to access your apps, and simply search for “Quick tap.” Choose “Quick tap (System > Gestures)” from the results to proceed.
  • Alternatively, find “Settings” on your home screen or app drawer, head over to System -> Gestures, and select “Quick Tap” from there.
  • In a dual-action move, swipe down twice from the top edge of the screen and tap the gear icon, then navigate to System -> Gestures, or ask your Google Assistant to open “Quick tap settings” for you.

Activate and Configure Quick Tap

  • In “Gestures,” look for the “Quick Tap” option and switch it on. Then proceed to select “Open application” to set up the feature.
  • As you tap “Open App,” remember that activating “Open App” alone won’t launch Snapchat—a specific selection is necessary. Tap the settings icon next to “Open App” and scroll to find Snapchat from the list of supportive apps. Choose it by selecting the dot next to the app icon.
  • For a personalized touch, dive into Snapchat’s specific Quick Tap settings to choose the exact action you desire upon a double-tap. Whether it’s launching the camera or peering into conversations, configure your preference and confirm it to finalize the setup.

When you initiate Quick Tap to Snap on your compatible Google Pixel device, Snapchat may prompt you for a one-time confirmation to link Quick Tap to its application. Confirm your choice, and you’re ready to Snap and share instantly.


There you have it: a refreshed and detailed walkthrough on using Snapchat’s Quick Tap feature on your Google Pixel device. Investing a few moments to set it up can yield countless moments of swift snapping. Embrace the ease of this feature, and make each double-tap a gateway to your social sharing endeavors.


Q: What Google Pixel models support the Quick Tap to Snap feature?

A: The Quick Tap to Snap feature works on the Pixel 4A 5G and newer Google Pixel models.

Q: Can I customize the Snapchat action performed with Quick Tap on my Pixel?

A: Yes, within the Quick Tap settings under “Open App,” you can configure which part of Snapchat you would like to access directly.

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