Protect Your Android from FluBot Malware: Tips and Tricks

In this article, we will discuss FluBot – a new and dangerous malware strain that’s causing issues for Android users throughout Europe. We’ll explore this malware in detail and provide practical tips on safeguarding your Android device from this security threat.

What is FluBot?

FluBot is a malware strain that emerged in the early months of 2021. It often presents itself via SMS messages, appearing to be a legitimate notification from a courier service. These fraudulent messages urge users to click on a link to track their package delivery. However, the malware downloads in the background and grants attackers full access to the device, allowing them to steal user login credentials and empty bank accounts.

FluBot’s New Tricks

FluBot is constantly evolving, and staying aware of its latest tactics is crucial to protecting your device. Recently, cybercriminals have started showing pop-up messages that claim a user’s device is infected with FluBot. The pop-up comes with instructions to download an “Android security update,” which, in reality, infects the device with malware.

How to Protect Your Smartphone from FluBot

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to FluBot. The best way to avoid getting infected with this malware is by being cautious and diligent. Never click on links received from unknown sources or SMS messages. Always take the time to verify the authenticity of any URL before clicking on it. Additionally, you can safeguard Android devices by tweaking your settings to disallow unknown app installations.

What to Do if Your Device Gets Infected

If you’ve clicked on any FluBot links, there’s a chance that your device has already been infected. If you’ve already downloaded the app and are experiencing suspicious activity, it’s best to reset your device to factory settings or restore it from a backup. Don’t forget to contact your bank to monitor for any fraudulent transactions and change all your passwords for maximum security.


1. Is FluBot only a threat to Android users?

Yes, FluBot only affects Android devices and not iOS devices.

2. Can I remove FluBot once it has infected my smartphone?

Yes, you can remove FluBot by resetting your phone to factory settings or restoring it from a backup.

3. How can I prevent my device from getting infected by FluBot?

To prevent FluBot, don’t click on any unknown links or verify the authenticity of URLs before clicking on them. Lastly, adjust your phone settings to disallow unknown app installations and adhere to standard cybersecurity practices.

4. What should I do if FluBot infects my device?

If your device is infected with FluBot, secure your bank accounts by changing all associated passwords and contact your bank to check for any unauthorised transactions. Finally, remove FluBot from your phone by resetting it to factory settings or restoring it from a backup.

Final Words

It’s essential to remain cautious and informed about cybersecurity threats targeting your smartphones. By following these tips and suggestions, you can safeguard your Android devices from FluBot malware and other dangerous software.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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