Stop Nuisance Spam Callers and Phone Call Spoofing: Tips for Australians

Are you tired of constantly receiving calls from random phone numbers? Not only is it bothersome, but it can also be an attempt to steal your identity or scam you. Here are some tips to prevent phone call spoofing and blocking nuisance spam callers in Australia:

Ways to Prevent Nuisance Callers from Dialing Your Number

1. Register Your Number

  • Get your phone number registered on the ‘Do Not Call’ list at
  • The service is free and will help remove your number from most marketing lists.
  • It may take up to 30 days for all calls to stop.

2. Answer the Phone

  • If you’re receiving frequent calls from companies you no longer wish to hear from, answer the phone and ask them to take you off their contact list.
  • By doing this, you remove your permission for them to contact you.

3. Block the Number

  • If you receive calls from unknown numbers, survey centers, charities, or have identified nuisance numbers, you can block their numbers.

4. Download a Call Filter App

  • You can use call-filtering mobile apps such as Truecaller to block unwanted spam calls and SMS messages, both on iPhone and Android devices.

Final Thoughts

To protect your phone number and stop receiving unwanted calls, be careful with where you share your phone number. Avoid giving it to strangers, only provide it when necessary, and avoid posting it on social media. In case you continue to receive unwanted calls, use the above methods to block them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Phone Call Spoofing?

Phone call spoofing is a scam technique used by fraudsters to trick people into answering their phones. Through bespoke software, they show fake caller ID information to appear as if they are calling from a different phone number. The intention is to trick people into engaging, often in an attempt to defraud them.

What is a Call Filter App?

A mobile application that allows you to filter out unwanted phone calls and text messages from unknown numbers, spam numbers, or fake numbers is referred to as a call-filtering app. Its purpose is to enable users to block nuisance calls and safeguard their privacy by preventing unwanted callers from contacting them.

How Can I Block a Phone Number?

You can easily block a phone number by visiting your phone’s settings and including the number in your block list. Some smartphones come with an integrated call-blocking feature that allows you to automatically block specific call types, for instance, those from unknown numbers or numbers that hide their caller ID.

What is the ‘Do Not Call’ Registry?

The ‘Do Not Call’ registry is a complementary service provided by the Australian Government through the Australian Communications and Media Authority enabling consumers to opt-out of direct marketing phone calls and faxes. By getting your phone number registered, you can considerably lower the number of unwanted marketing calls you receive.

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