Important Things to Consider Before Creating your own Brand Logo

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A logo can and should be more than an identification symbol. If well designed, it also tells a company’s story by conveying its brand message in a way that helps build an emotional connection with its target audience. This vague but inspiring definition of a logo can be broken down into the following question: It only takes 50 milliseconds to form an impression of a company based on its logo. With that in mind, your business really needs to do whatever it takes to deliver something great. Your logo is a symbol of who you are and what you do.

The design you create should be eye-catching, yet unique enough not to be confused with gold bows, silver apples, elegant mermaids, or red eyes. It’s a tough nut to crack! A logo is more than a static symbol. It carries the meaning of a brand’s visual identity and without it; a brand would lose its meaning. Like any line of work that involves a specific skill set, logo design requires a lot of practice and experience to be successful. knowledge is definitely the power of any graphic designer.

Color psychology

  • Color has a huge impact on how people perceive your logo. In fact, your brand colors can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. It has a lot of power and evokes certain emotions in consumers.
  • Before deciding on a color palette, think about how you want people to feel about you. Are you a law firm that should be taken seriously? Bright red is not the best option. How about a fun bouncy house rental business? So there really is no point in going with muted whites or grays. You get the picture.

Investigate and analyze the needs and objectives of the business.

  • Before designing a logo, you need to do a thorough research on the goals of the business. One of these ways is through a brand questionnaire or discovery call. The brand concept you create should reflect the spirit and goals of the brand.

typography matters a lot

  • Choosing the right font type and size is much more difficult than many beginning designers realize. If your logo design includes text, either as part of the logo or in the tagline, you’ll need to spend time sorting through several font types, often dozens of them, and testing them out in your design before making a final decision. Try serif and sans-serif fonts, as well as script, italic, bold, and custom fonts.

The history of your company

  • Your story is yours, so try to incorporate information about your company’s history into your logo design. McDonald’s is represented by golden arches because it was in its original architecture. KFC uses the image of the colonel who invented his famous recipe. There are plenty of brands, in and out of fast food, that have a nod to their history in their logo. It’s a clever little tribute that will help people remember you.
  • You too can submit your story. For example, a bakery owner might use her grandmother’s cookbook, the one that inspired her to open a store. A contractor can use a wooden typeface that looks like the first floor she put in a living room. Brainstorm ideas based on your own story!

Consider creating your logo in black and white first

  • Selecting the right color palette can be overwhelming for designers and clients at the start of a project, as the possibilities for choosing certain colors are endless. For this reason, it can be beneficial to design logos in black and white at the beginning of the project and then move on to color. Check here the psychology of color in the brand.

balance and proportion

  • The word “balance” should be your logo design mantra! Research shows that humans find symmetry attractive because our brains crave order and structure. If your design is proportional, consumers will naturally be drawn to it.
  • Find the center of your design, then reflect the weight on each side. Think of it like a butterfly. The body is the focal point and the wings use similar or identical colors and shapes.

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