How to Install Graphics Card in PC

Boost your PC's graphics performance with our easy-to-follow guide on installing a graphics card. No tech experience needed!

The best way to improve your PC’s gaming performance is to Install Graphics Card in PC. This is especially important now that games have to deal with demanding digital environments. Unfortunately, the 2020s were a tough time for PC fans because there was a global chip shortage that made it harder to get and more expensive to buy high-end graphics cards.

Even though there were problems, it is now possible to get the best GPUs, though they cost more than usual. Even so, GPU upgrades are still needed, which means users have to go through the installation process, which is thankfully still pretty easy.

This important hardware change can give a system new life and make sure it can handle the growing graphics needs of modern games. As we walk you through each step, you’ll see how easy the process really is. This gives both new and experienced gamers a way to improve their experience in a world where technology is always changing.

How to Install Graphics Card in PC

Open your case

  1. Disconnect the power cable and all peripherals before removing the side panels.
  2. Remove the panel on the opposite side of the motherboard. If you look on the back of your computer, you will see a panel on one side that contains a variety of ports, including USB, Ethernet, display ports, and more. This is the motherboard I/O panel and will help you see which side the motherboard is located on.
  3. You can lay your computer on this side and remove the opposite panel so that you can easily access the motherboard.

Connect your PSU’s wires

  1. Some graphics cards no additional power. Look for one or two connectors during installation.
  2. Connectors are specific to GPUs and not found elsewhere in your PC.
  3. Connectors easily identifiable from the power supply.
  4. Plug each connector in the correct orientation until you feel or hear a click.
  5. Many PSUs have 6+2 plugs, serving as a six- or eight-pin connector.
  6. Connecting 6+2 plugs can be tricky.
  7. Plug the two-pin portion into the graphics card before the six-pin.

Putting in the necessary drivers

You need to install new drivers for the GPU before it can be used for heavy tasks like gaming. This is so Windows and software can talk to the card properly. You can get drivers for a new NVIDIA or AMD graphics card by clicking on the links below.

  1. Get drivers for AMD
  2. Get NVIDIA drivers here

Benefits of Upgrading Your Graphics Card

  • Better and faster performance: Frame rates will go up a lot if you get a new graphics card. This means that animations will run more smoothly and there will be less lag in games and other demanding programmes. This can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your computer.
  • More graphics settings and higher resolutions: You can turn up the resolution and graphics settings in games and apps if you have a more powerful graphics card. With more detail, lighting effects, and shadows, this will let you see stunning visuals.
  • Help with the newest technologies: Ray tracing and DLSS are two of the newest technologies that can be used with newer graphics cards. Ray tracing makes lighting and shadows look incredibly real by simulating how light moves in real life. Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) uses AI to boost performance and improve image quality.
  • More time to work on creative projects: A new graphics card can make your creative work much easier if you do a lot of it, like editing videos, making 3D models, or designing graphics. It will render pictures and videos faster, which will help you get more done.
  • Preparing your computer for the future: Any new games or programmes will run better on your computer if you get a new graphics card. So you won’t have to replace your whole computer as often.

Choosing the Right Graphics Card for Your PC

To choose the best graphics card, you need to know what you need and how much you can spend. For the best 4K performance, gamers need high-end beasts like the RTX 4070. For 1080p adventures, mid-range beasts like the RX 6600 will do just fine. Creative professionals who use demanding software can benefit from cards like the RTX 3080 Ti.

Casual users and people who just want to watch content can get by with graphics that are already built in. Remember that your GPU needs to be able to work with your CPU and power supply, so make sure they can before you start. Do your homework, look at different benchmarks, and pick the card that gives you the best, smoothest experience for your needs.


How do I install a new graphics card driver?

Start, type “Device Manager,” and then click “Open.” Then click on Display adapters and pick out your video card. Select Update Driver from the Driver tab and then choose to search automatically for new driver software. You can also choose Browse my computer for driver software to pick a driver you’ve already found and downloaded.

How do I find graphics card on PC?

What kind of video card do I have? How to find out what kind of graphics card you have: Type “Device Manager” into the desktop search bar and click on it when it comes up. When you click the arrow next to Display adapters, the name and model of your GPU will show up right below it.

How to install 2 graphics cards?

Insert the video cards one at a time and press them firmly into position. Connect the “bridge” that is supplied with your motherboard. The “bridge” connects to the top of each video card. Bridges come in more than one size; if one was included with your motherboard it is the right size to span between the cards.

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