Fix Insufficient Storage Error When Updating A Phone: 6 Fixes

As everyone knows, an Android device’s built-in memory is never as big as it seems. For a device with 32GB of storage, the operating system, preinstalled apps, and wasted space take up a lot of room. This is because of how the operating system formats the storage medium. So, if you try to install or update an app on your Android, you might get a message saying that there isn’t enough room, even though the app takes up less space than what you have on your Android. There are things that you can do to Fix Insufficient Storage Error When Updating A Phone.

When you try to download an app, you may see a different form of a similar error, such as “This device doesn’t have enough space to download.” Many Android users get the message “Insufficient storage available” when they try to download or update apps.

Often, this message shows up even when your SD card has more than enough room. The user then wonders why the device is complaining about not having enough room to store things. If you get this message, it could stop you from downloading important files and cause you to delete files you don’t need to.

How to Fix Insufficient Storage Error When Updating A Phone

Fix Insufficient Storage Error When Updating A Phone: 6 Fixes

Check Available Storage on Phone

  • In the Notification box, click on the icon that looks like a gear.
  • Click About Phone.
  • Tap the Storage button.
  • Here, you can see how much space your phone has in total and how much space is free.
  • If the room on your Android phone is less than 15MB, you are likely to get this error.

Clear App cache

  • First, go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Applications Manager” on your phone.
  • You can tap the menu or more to find out which app is taking up the most space in the list.
  • You can choose “clear cache” if you tap the app in question.
  • Tap “Clear Cache” to make some room available.
  • do this for each app you think is too big.

Restart Your Phone

Android’s “insufficient storage” mistake could just be a normal system glitch, so there’s no need to worry. To fix this problem, you should first try turning your phone off and on again to see if it gets rid of the error message.

Transfer Data from phone to PC

  • Get a charging cable and connect your phone to a computer.
  • Open up the disk showing the storage of your mobile.
  • copy all your data to the computer, once it is done, delete the data on the phone.

Uninstall unwanted apps

  • Open the settings of your phone.
  • go to applications, and choose the apps you want to uninstall.
  • After uninstalling apps, see if the error exists.

Move Data to SD Card

  • Go to the Settings on your Android phone.
  • Tap on the Apps.
  • Sort the apps according to the size.
  • Now, select the app.
  • Tap on the Storage.
  • Click on the Change button.
  • Select the SD Card option.
  • Tap on the Move button.

When Android shows the “Insufficient Storage Available” error

When Android users get the “Insufficient Storage Available” error, it’s because they don’t have enough room to work. Adding insult to injury, there may be more than one reason why there isn’t enough usable storage.

Android apps need room for three things: the apps themselves, their data files, and their cache. Even though these caches can get quite big, Android still shows them as free room, even though they can’t be used for app installation.

If you get the “Insufficient Storage Available” error, try clearing your app files to see if that gives the installation enough room to work. How to do this depends on what version of Android you have and who made your gadget.


What makes phone storage full?

“Android storage space running out but it’s not” is sometimes caused by having too much info on your phone’s internal memory. If you have a lot of apps on your Android device and use them all at once, the cache memory on your phone could get filled up. This would mean that your Android device doesn’t have enough storage space.

Does full storage make phone slow?

Unused apps take up room on your phone and can slow it down. It’s easy to get rid of a bunch of Android apps at once from the Play Store. Android has ways to limit what useless apps can do, but the best thing to do is just get rid of them.

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