Is Seesaw GDPR-Compliant? Your Guide to Seesaw’s Commitment to Privacy and Security

In the digital age, online classroom platforms like Seesaw must prioritize the safety and privacy of students. With the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is crucial for online platforms to comply with its requirements. So, the question is: Is Seesaw GDPR-Compliant?

The Answer: Yes, Seesaw is GDPR-Compliant!

Seesaw has taken all the necessary measures to ensure compliance with the GDPR rules and regulations. They prioritize user privacy and do not sell any data or engage in advertising. As a user, you own the content you add to the platform, and all student work remains private, accessible only to their respective classrooms.

Seesaw’s mission has always been centered around privacy principles, aiming to provide a safe online learning environment. They have implemented various tools and options to protect the integrity of students, teachers, and families. Thanks to their commitment to GDPR compliance, Seesaw remains a trusted platform that values privacy and security.

Control Tools for Users

Seesaw provides users with control tools to manage their accounts. You can update your account settings, including correcting or deleting individual account information at any time. Students can also export their journals to their computers for personal safekeeping.

Furthermore, if you decide to no longer use Seesaw, you have the option to delete your account. Inactive accounts that are not accessed within 60 days will be permanently deleted. Additionally, parental consent tools are in place to ensure parents’ approval before teachers use Seesaw in their classrooms.

Transparency and Privacy Commitments

Seesaw prioritizes transparency in its operations. They provide all relevant information about the data they collect and how they use it in their Privacy Policy. You can also find their privacy commitments in their Privacy Principles.

If any material changes are made to their privacy practices, Seesaw notifies all users. However, if users do not agree with the new terms, the previously accepted terms will continue to apply. For any further inquiries regarding privacy, you can reach out to Seesaw’s privacy team.

Additional GDPR Measures

Seesaw has carefully reviewed its contracts with third-party vendors to ensure GDPR compliance. They have also provided GDPR-focused security training to all employees. Additionally, Seesaw has implemented procedures for government access and deletion requests, appointed a data protection officer, and conducted data protection impact assessments.

The Storage of Personal Data and GDPR

When it comes to storing personal data in online classrooms, GDPR does not require the data to be stored within the EU limits. Seesaw fully complies with this requirement and also adheres to the Privacy Shield agreement, which allows the transfer of personal data between the US and the EU.

Seesaw even offers an optional service to store data outside of the US boundaries specifically for Seesaw for Schools.

Teacher Responsibilities and Online Safety

Teachers play a crucial role in ensuring GDPR compliance on Seesaw. If a student is under the age of 16, teachers must obtain parental consent to review and process their personal data. Seesaw provides school-wide consents to simplify this process for teachers and educational facilities.

Seesaw also prioritizes online safety by implementing TLS 1.2 security at the network level, ensuring secure transmission of account information and journal content. Passwords are also protected using PBKDF2’s salt and hash encryption.

In Conclusion: Seesaw’s Commitment to GDPR Compliance

Seesaw has gone above and beyond to ensure full GDPR compliance. From their comprehensive Privacy Policy to their robust security protocols, Seesaw provides a safe environment for students, parents, and teachers alike. If you want to learn more about their GDPR compliance, read their Privacy Policy or join the discussion in the comments below.


1. Can I delete my Seesaw account?

Yes, you have the option to delete your Seesaw account at any time. If your account remains inactive for 60 days, it will be permanently deleted, along with any associated data.

2. Are Seesaw’s privacy practices transparent?

Yes, Seesaw prioritizes transparency and provides all relevant information about the data they collect and how they use it in their Privacy Policy. They also offer transparency in any material changes made to their privacy practices and can be contacted for further privacy-related inquiries.

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