How to Fix Kindle Won’t Turn on

The Amazon Kindle is one of the best Android eBook readers of all time. It has a huge library of content you can buy and is easy to use. Even though it is a popular tablet PC for reading, that does not mean it is perfect. For example, you might find out all of a sudden that your Kindle will not turn on. You might not know right away why a Kindle will not wake up. This article is about How to Fix Kindle Won’t Turn on.

If you know what could be causing the problem, you can figure out what solutions to try. If your device will not turn on or charge, it is probably because of one of the following: Not enough power, The charger or outlet is broken, Damage to the hardware inside, Files on the device that are broken or wrong.

How to Fix Kindle Won’t Turn on

Fix Kindle Won't Turn on

Reset your Kindle

Use the power button to try to reset it. This restarts kindles that are not working. You will need to hold down the power button on your device for about 40 seconds and then let go. Then, press the power button once more to turn the Kindle back on. If you turn on the Kindle, you will see a start-up screen.

Charge your Kindle

Most likely, your Kindle will not turn on because the battery is dead. Plug it in and leave it for a few minutes. If you see a charging animation on the screen, your Kindle’s battery is low, so let it charge until it is full. If there is no charging animation, try a different charger, connect to a different wall outlet, charge it with your laptop, or even use a battery bank.

Use the Volume Down Button

Some 5th generation Kindle Fires can use this method. It might not work for your device, but you should try it if your Kindle will not turn on even when it is plugged in and charging. Press the volume down button and the power button together. Hold these for about 5 seconds and wait to see if your Kindle turns on.

Reset Through the Recovery Menu

This is for more experienced users, but it usually works to turn on Kindles that will not turn on with other methods. Hold down the power button and the volume up button at the same time for about 45 seconds. You will see a menu that lets you choose between putting the phone back to factory settings or wiping it clean.

Since the touch part does not work here, use your device’s volume buttons to move through the menu. Press the power button once to choose the Factory reset or wipe data option. When you do this, everything on the Kindle is erased and put back to its original settings. After you reset your device, it will turn back on.

Use The Recovery Menu To Install Latest Software

Start by plugging your Kindle into a charger so that it does not run out of power while you are doing this. Then, press and hold both the Volume up button and the power button for about 45 seconds. A recovery menu will show up. Use the volume buttons to move through it, and hold down the volume up button until you see “Installing Latest Software.” The installation takes a long time, so you have to wait until it is done. Once the setup is done, your device will turn itself on by itself.

Reach out to the Amazon Customer Support

If none of the above work, your last resort should be to call Amazon’s customer service to get help with your problem. If your Kindle is still under warranty, they might replace it or fix it, depending on what is wrong with it. Even if your Kindle is not under warranty, customer service might still be able to help you solve your problem.


How do you fix a dead Kindle?

With a soft reset, you can fix many common problems without losing any data. Hold the Power button down for 40 seconds, and then let go. After a few seconds, the charge light should turn on, and the Kindle Fire should then restart.

Do Kindle batteries wear out?

How long can the battery life of a Kindle be? The best Kindle battery should last between 4 and 10 weeks on a single charge. But it depends on what kind of Kindle you have. Amazon bases these times on how well a person reads under test conditions.

Can you revive a dead Kindle?

How long does it take for a Kindle to turn on after being turned off? First, try this: Hold down the power button for at least 40 seconds. Let go of the power button and then hold it for 5 seconds or until something happens on the screen, whichever comes first.

How do you know if a Dead Kindle is charging?

Use the power adapter that came with your Kindle to charge it. While the battery is charging, the light next to the power button will turn orange. When the battery is fully charged, the light will turn green. Even if you turn off your device completely, it will still charge.

Why wont my Kindle wake up?

If you have not charged the device in a long time, try charging it again. You can also let it sit for a while to let the ice melt. You can update the firmware on your device by hand. Reset your Kindle to the factory settings.

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