How to Level up Glyphs in Diablo 4

This guide reveals efficient dungeon runs, strategic tips, & secrets to glyph domination in Diablo 4.

In Diablo 4, the Paragon Board will become available to you as soon as you reach level 50. This is another level of development where you can further hone your character, and the board uses Glyphs to help with that. In this article we will discuss about the how to Level up Glyphs in Diablo 4.

The round tokens you see at the bottom of your Paragon Board are called glyphs. You will probably just have blue Glyphs at first, as these are the most basic. However, as you play Diablo 4 video game, you will find stronger Glyphs that are cultured differently. Glyphs are simply a means of enhancing your character’s stats and augmenting other Paragon Board spaces that are within their direct line of sight.

Selecting a Glyph can be challenging since you can only have one active on your board at once. But when you find out that you can also upgrade certain Glyphs to make them even more potent, it’s a whole other story.

How to Level up Glyphs in Diablo 4

It is impossible to overestimate the potency of Glyphs as you progress through your Paragon board. They provide a wide range of advantages, such as enhanced damage, longer duration, and crowd control capabilities. But when you level them up, they get stronger, just like anything else. And there is just one method for doing that.

After you’ve selected your option, you will notice that the menu has an Allocate XP button at the bottom. That button is Y for Xbox. Click the icon to level up the Glyph you have chosen. Levelling up is possible even for socketed glyphs.

  1. Lost Archives
  2. Ancient’s Lament
  3. Blind Burrows
  4. Aldurwood

Glyph Leveling Locations and Best Practices

S-Tier Clear Speed Demons:

  • Sarat’s Lair: This quick run has a single, clear goal: defeat the boss. Just straight-forward fighting with XP rewards.
How to Level up Glyphs in Diablo 4
  • Uldur’s Cave: Like Sarat’s Lair, it’s a simple boss rush that’s perfect for levelling up glyphs quickly.

A-Tier All-Rounders:

  • Belfry Zakara: A fast run with an emphasis on scoring points, including an additional boss battle for bonus experience points. provides an excellent mix of challenge and quickness.
  • Howling Ridge: This objective-based dungeon puts your fighting skills and dexterity to the test. Effective implementation results in strong glyph levelling.

Beyond the Fastest:

  • Your Character Build: Certain dungeons are more favorable to certain builds. Select the one that best plays to your advantages for easy runs. If you want to check price on amazon

Crafting and Upgrading Glyphs: Tips and Techniques

  1. Select Glyph Base: Choose the base type that aligns with your desired enchantment (e.g., attack, defense, utility).
  2. Add Enchanting Dust: The amount and rarity of dust determine the glyph’s power level and potential for success.
  3. Infuse Catalyst: Slot in the specific catalyst to imbue the glyph with its unique effect.
  4. Activate Enchantment: With a surge of magical energy, the forge binds the components, creating your glyph!
  5. Experimentation is key! Don’t be afraid to try different combinations of glyph bases, dust, and catalysts to discover hidden synergies and powerful effects.
  6. Seek out rare materials! Hunting down rare monsters and completing challenging quests can reward you with the ingredients needed for top-tier glyphs.
  7. Consult with experts! Veteran players and online communities often share valuable knowledge about the best glyph combinations for specific purposes.


In conclusion, glyphs will be essential to your power in Diablo 4’s endgame. We hope this tutorial has helped you learn about glyphs’ functions, locations, and how to level them up to enhance your power. To find out which glyphs are crucial for your build and to begin levelling them up as soon as possible, make sure to go through our build guidelines!


Does unused Glyph XP carry over?

Because it’s a “use it or lose it” system, you’ll probably find yourself upgrading other glyphs more frequently than squandering experience points on upgrading a more powerful glyph.

What happens when you upgrade Glyphs Diablo 4?

Enhancing Glyphs using Paragon. Your Glyphs will become more potent and grant larger bonuses as they level up. Furthermore, the effect of a Glyph is limited to a specific radius of nodes based on its rarity or magic: Magic has a radius of two at level one and three at level four.

How do you farm glyphs in Diablo 4?

You must have access to World Tier 3 and The Tree of Whispers in order to start farming for Paragon Glyphs. You can enter Nightmare Dungeons by using Nightmare Sigils to unlock both locations. By finishing time-limited rewards.

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