How to Make and Use Banner Patterns in Minecraft

A split image with a plain banner on one side and a beautifully designed banner on the other.

There are a lot of ways to Make and Use Banner Patterns in Minecraft. Players can even show who they are by using patterned flags. Fans can make their own patterns, but they can also find certain designs as loot in-game.

The different ways that banners can be put together in Minecraft are truly amazing, no matter what design is used. But people who are just starting out might not know how to do it. You could even say the same thing about soldiers who haven’t bothered with this type of decoration.

The process is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, though. With a little understanding, some materials, and the help of a certain block, players will be able to make some really cool banner decorations.

Materials Required for Creating Banner Patterns

  • 2 wooden planks of any kind: Cut down trees with an axe to get wood.
  • 2 String: You can get this by making from sugar cane or breaking cobwebs.
  • 3 Wool (any colour): To get the soft wool from sheep, shear them.
  • A stick made of wood that was cut up with an axe.
  • Paper + Enchanted Golden Apple: This makes the “Thing” pattern, which is a reference to Mojang’s old name.

How to Make Banner Patterns in Minecraft

Thing – Former Mojang Studios logoPaper + Enchanted Golden Apple
Skull – Skeleton skull and crossbonesPaper + Wither Skeleton Skull
Creeper – Creeper FacePaper + Creeper Head
Flower– DaisyPaper + Oxeye Daisy
MasonedPaper + Bricks
Bordure IndentedPaper + Vine
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How To Use Banner Patterns In Minecraft?

  1. Get the Loom open. There are three slots: two at the top and one at the bottom.
  2. Put the banner in the first spot from the left.
  3. Put the colour in the slot in the upper right corner.
  4. Put the design of the banner on the bottom box.
  5. Add the new ad to the stock.

Tips for Creating Unique Banner Patterns

  • Don’t just stick to stripes or forms; do more than that. For a more interesting look, try layering different designs, filling in empty space, and adding diagonal lines.
How to Make and Use Banner Patterns in Minecraft
  • Find ideas: Look at banners that are already made in online communities and forums and add your own artistic touches to them. You can start on Pinterest and Reddit.
  • Accept the unexpected: To make striking and surprising patterns, use things that don’t seem to go together, like mob heads, vines, or even enchanted apples.
  • Order is important: It’s very important what order you use patterns in. Try out different sequences until you get the look you want. For instance, a cross is made by putting a “fesse” pattern (a vertical stripe) on top of a “pale” pattern (a horizontal stripe).
  • Less is more: start with a few simple patterns and add more complicated ones over time. A design with too many levels can look cluttered and hard to understand.
  • Use contrasting colors: Play around with light and dark colours to make your designs stand out. It will be easier to see a bright design on a plain background.


Can you copy banner patterns?

Banners can be made by using a blank banner to make more banners that are the same. This method can’t be used to copy banners that have more than 6 patterns made using commands. Copies pattern; both banners must be the same colour, and the one that is getting a pattern copied must not already have a design on it.

What banner patterns can you make?

Pattern for a skull banner made of paper and a dead body. Skull will give you a Skeleton’s head and bloody bones. Making a Creeper banner out of paper and a Creeper head will give you a face. Making a Flower Banner Pattern out of paper and Oxeye Daisy will give you a Daisy. Banner Pattern with Field Masonry – Paper and Bricks.

How to make a custom banner?

It is simple to make an online poster with Canva. If you want to make your Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, or LinkedIn page look better, our drag-and-drop editor lets you change the layout, colours, fonts, and images of thousands of free banner templates to match your brand’s look.

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