How to Make Genogram in Microsoft Word

Unlock Microsoft Word's hidden family tree power! Create amazing Genograms now.

A genogram is a family tree that doesn’t have any pictures. A “genogram” shows a person’s family tree, which makes them good for showing how families are organized. A normal genogram shows family, medical, behavioral, and psychological links using shapes instead of pictures. In this article we will show you how to Make Genogram in Microsoft Word.

Cindy McGoldrick and Randy Gerson, two psychologists, made the first genogram. They used different symbols to show how complicated the families of their patients were. Currently, genograms are used by therapists, counsellors, and paediatricians to show visually the medical background of a patient’s family.

One thing that is not like family trees, though, is making a genogram. It needs time, money, and the right skills. Most healthcare professionals like to use Microsoft Word apps because it is easy to get started with. This piece talks about how to use Word to make a genogram. You can also use it quickly if you don’t want to spend hours making genograms look great in Word. So, jump right in and find a good way to draw a genogram.

What is a Genogram?

A genogram is intended to provide a great deal of information; hence, although it is comparable to a family tree, it typically displays a greater amount of data. Its goal is to display things like sicknesses, relationships, gender, and other important aspects that are not typically found on a conventional family tree. Its objective is to display these things. To obtain further information, please visit the official website.

How to Make Genogram in Microsoft Word

  1. If you want more space, choose landscape mode.
  2. Change the line width and margins to make things clearer.
  3. Add a table with enough rows and sections for everyone in your family.
  4. For men, use squares and for women, use circles.
  5. Sort them into groups by age, with the oldest at the top of the table.
  6. In the shapes, write names and birth or death years.
  7. To show connections, draw lines between the shapes.
  8. For weddings, use solid lines. For living together, use dashed lines. For separation or divorce, use wavy lines.
  9. For adoptions, add hearts, and for important events, add circles.
  10. Change the colors and shapes of the fonts to make them easier to read.
  11. To draw attention to something, use different line types and thicknesses.
  12. For specifics, write notes or comments below the table.

Utilizing Microsoft Word Features for Enhanced Genogram Design

  • Multilevel Lists: To make family connections and generations clear, use multilevel lists with spaces between levels and symbols. Marriage, partnerships, separations, and adoptions can all be shown with different types of symbols.
How to Make Genogram in Microsoft Word
  • Tables: Use tables to organize people, their information (names, birthdates, jobs, etc.), and their connections in your genogram. Change the borders and sizes of the cells to get a clean plan.
  • Graphics for SmartArt: To get your genogram going, you can use SmartArt’s pre-made family tree designs. You can make the representation your own by adding text boxes, lines, and connections.
  • Shapes and Lines: Use the Shapes toolbar to make your own shapes and lines to show people, connections (solid lines for marriage, dashed lines for siblings, etc.), and other details like medical conditions or important dates.
  • Fonts and Colors: To make things clearer and more visually organized, use different fonts for different groups and relationships. Use color coding to draw attention to certain family members or people.
  • Images and Photos: To make your genogram more personal and bring back memories, add family photos to the boxes or the background.
  • Charts and Graphs: Use integrated charts or graphs to show trends in the family, like how old people are, how long people live, or how often certain traits happen.


Can you create a genogram in PowerPoint?

Here are the steps you need to take to make a genogram in PowerPoint. The user must first open PowerPoint and pick out a new slide. After that, get the “Family Tree” template for PowerPoint. It’s usually in the “Horizontal Labelled Hierarchy” style. Then, open it from the Insert menu to move on.

Does Google Docs have a genogram template?

Does Google Docs have a tool for making genograms? Creating genograms on Google Docs is possible, but you have to start from scratch and make the picture. Vantage is one of the best online genogram makers, so you should use that instead.

How do you make a family chart in PowerPoint?

Open PowerPoint and click on “SmartArt” in the “Illustrations” part of the “Insert” tab. This will make a family tree. There will be a pop-up window where you can choose the type of chart you want. When you get to “hereditary,” pick out a chart and click “OK.” The line will be put on your slide.

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