How to Make a Post Shareable on Facebook

This guide reveals pro tips to make your Facebook posts explode with shares & ignite conversations

Creating Facebook posts is one of the most basic functions of Facebook, and just as Facebook has changed and evolved over the years, writing/publishing posts remains an important function. Open the website or app, select the “What’s on your mind” box at the top of the screen, and start typing whatever you want to say. In this article we will show you how to Make a Post Shareable on Facebook.

Publishing a Facebook post is very easy, but there are some comments you will often see. Whenever we make a particularly interesting or important post, someone usually leaves a comment and asks if they can share the post. On paper, this is easy, but when you look into it, knowing how to make a post sharable is easier said than done. If you want to get further details, than you can visit official website.

How to Make a Post Shareable on Facebook

How to Make a Post Shareable on Facebook
  1. Public: “People on and off Facebook
  2. Friends: “Friends on Facebook.”
  3. Nonfriends: “Not shown to some friends.”
  4. Specific friends: “Only some of my friends can see it.
  5. Only me
  6. Custom: “Include or exclude friends or lists.

The Role of Timing and Frequency in Facebook Sharing

  • Understand your viewers: When do they engage most on Facebook? Typically, evenings during the weekdays and mornings on weekends shine, but it’s vital to grasp your audience’s characteristics and routines.
  • Trending subjects: Ride the wave of current affairs and popular hashtags by sharing pertinent posts during peak engagement periods.
  • Non-peak moments: Explore off-peak timings! A strategically timed post amidst a quiet phase can garner added attention amidst reduced competition.
  • Bypass midday slumps: Interaction tends to dip on Mondays and Tuesdays post-lunch. Plan your vital content for other slots.
  • Weekend enthusiasts: Don’t overlook weekends! Relaxed and enjoyable content often resonates during leisure hours.

Tracking and Analyzing Shareability Metrics on Facebook

In Facebook’s dynamic space, where postings compete for attention like fighters in an online competition, understanding shareability metrics opens the door to encouraging engagement and building a strong relationship with your audience. Now let’s examine the ability to track and analyse these critical signs:

  • Shares: The ultimate measure of shareability, reflecting how widely your content resonates.
  • Reach: The total number of unique people who saw your post, indicating its visibility.
  • Engagement Rate: The percentage of people who interacted with your post (reactions, comments, shares), measuring its ability to spark conversation.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The percentage of people who clicked links within your post, quantifying interest and action.
  • Post Saves: The number of people who saved your post for later, suggesting its value and potential for future engagement.
  • Comments: The quantity and quality of comments can reveal insights about your audience’s interests and reactions.

Utilizing Engaging Media Formats (Images, Videos, GIFs)


  • The secret is variety avoid using the same old pictures! Try using collages, cartoons, memes, and infographics to make your information visually appealing and up to date.
  • Tell a tale instead of just demonstrating! Use pictures to effectively communicate your point, arouse curiosity, or create feelings.


  • Try to keep your videos to no more than two minutes. Short attention spans mean that you should go right to the point.
  • Make sure your shots have a pleasing visual appeal, clear audio, and seamless editing. Good lighting and framing can improve your videos even if you’re on a tight budget.


  • GIFs are a terrific way to infuse your posts with humour, levity, or personality.
  • Utilize reaction GIFs to communicate your ideas and feelings in a relatable manner, encouraging


Why can’t I make my Facebook post shareable?

Should your individual Facebook preferences hover at maximum privacy, those closest to you won’t have the liberty to distribute your content but can solely peruse it. The settings on Facebook encompass choices for privacy-sharing, established upon the initial publication of the post by its creator.

Can you make a post shareable in a private group on Facebook?

Press the “Menu” icon nestled at the screen’s bottom right. Opt for “Groups” within the comprehensive shortcuts list. Pick the specific private Facebook community for your post’s dissemination. Engage the “Write something” option to distribute your content to the group members.

Where is the share button?

Open Google Chrome on your Android device. Look for the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen and tap it. Find and tap the Share… button.

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