How to Make Slack Channel Private: 5 Steps

You can make a private Slack channel in one of two ways: you can either convert an existing channel or make a new one. Here, We will show you How to Make Slack Channel Private by using both of these steps. Since this is what most people will want to do, it makes the most sense to start with how to make a new, private Slack channel.

You can set up a channel for people working on the same project to talk to each other, and you can set up a casual space for teammates to talk about their hobbies and lives outside of work. This Slack feature is useful in a lot of different ways. When making it, all you have to do is click a button. The rest of the steps are the same as when you make a public channel.

What is Slack?

Slack is a tool for sending messages and files to other people at work. This means that Slack is a way to talk to people right away. These add-ons aren’t important for using Slack, since the main purpose is to talk to coworkers. Slack has two kinds of chat: direct message, or DM, which is one-on-one, and channels, which is group chat. Customers choose a name for their Slack instance when they want to use it.

This information is added to their unique URL. Slack channels can be public or private. In a public channel, anyone can see it and ask to join. In a private channel, only people who are already in it can see it or ask others to join. Even though up to eight people can be involved, DMs are always private.

Compassion: Public vs private Slack channels

Almost every group at work seems to use the messaging app Slack, but you’re probably reading this because, for whatever reason, you feel left out and want to know what all the fuss is about.

FeaturePublic ChannelPrivate Channel
AccessibilityAccessible to all members of the Slack workspace.Limited to specific members who are invited or added.
VisibilityVisible to all members of the Slack workspace.Hidden from other members who are not invited.
DiscussionOpen for general discussions and collaboration.Intended for confidential or sensitive discussions.
Member DiscoveryChannels can be discovered and joined by anyone.Channels can only be accessed by invitation or request.
PurposeFacilitates open communication and transparency.Enables focused and restricted discussions.
Content SharingContent shared in the channel is accessible to all.Content shared in the channel is limited to members.
NotificationsMembers receive notifications for channel activity.Members receive notifications for channel activity.
SearchabilityChannel and its content are searchable by all.Channel and its content are searchable by members.
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Default Privacy Settings in Slack

  • Messages: By default, everyone in a channel can see all of the messages sent to it. But you can make private channels that only members you invite can see.
How to Make Slack Channel Private
  • Files: By default, everyone in your workspace can see any files you post to Slack. You can make files private or only show them to certain people, though.
  • Profile: By default, everyone in your workspace can see what’s in your profile. You can make your profile private or only show it to certain people, though.

How to Make a Slack Channel Private in Slack

  1. Open the relevant channel. 
  2. In the conversation header, click on the channel name with the down arrow icon.
  3. Select the Settings tab.
  4. Scroll down and click on ‘Change to a private channel‘. *
  5. Click on ‘Change to private’ to confirm.


Private Slack channels are collaboration powerhouses that help keep conversations focused and private. By making and managing these channels well, teams can communicate well and keep sensitive information safe. Check out our guide on how to add or remove a Slack workspace to get more out of your Slack app.


Can you make a Slack channel private after?

Before you begin, note that making a channel private is a permanent step. It will always be private afterward, with no way to change it back to public. Make sure the channel will never again need to be public before you begin.

Can my boss see my private Slack channel?

Can Slack read my direct messages and private channel messages? Yes. Slack doesn’t give employers this visibility out of the box but employers can request access. This process varies based on a workspace’s pricing tier.

Are Slack huddles private?

We use the WebRTC standard for real-time communications with the latest recommended security techniques. Here’s how we protect huddle integrity and confidentiality: All traffic is encrypted in transit. Media traffic is encrypted with SRTP using a DTLS-SRTP key exchange.

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