How to Play Pokémon Sleep early on iPhone and Android

Download Pokémon Sleep from a Different Region

Are you excited about the early access How to Play Pokémon Sleep early on iPhone and Android that will be available in the United States? Continue on with this! This article will walk you through the steps required to play Pokemon Sleep Early on an iOS or Android device in the United States. Get in there! Through the entirety of the game, Pokemon has continually relied on our enthusiasm and enjoyment.

If we are only talking about Pokemon Go Plus Plus here, players have the option to play the game in silent mode, and the app can even track how much sleep they get while they are playing. Let’s go through this extensive guide together to find out whether or not you can play Pokemon Sleep early in the United States, and if the answer is yes, how you can do so on iOS and Android. Continue reading to find out more!

What is Pokémon Sleep Early Access?

The Pokémon Sleep Early Access was a brief window of time during which players were given the chance to try out the game before it was made available to the general public. There was a window of opportunity to gain early access in Japan in July 2022, but that window has since closed.

Players had to register for the early access waitlist on the Pokémon Sleep official website in order to be considered for early access to the video game. Players residing in Japan who were older than 13 years old could sign up for the waitlist. In July of 2022, early access to Pokémon Sleep was no longer available. The game can now be played by anyone in Japan who is interested in doing so. There is currently no information available regarding when or if Pokémon Sleep will be made available in other countries.

Benefits of Playing Pokémon Sleep Early

  • Early access to new features: If you sign up for early access, you will be able to use new features and content before the rest of the public. This could mean adding new Pokémon, new challenges, or new ways to play.
  • A sense of community: Being a player with early access can give you a sense of community with other early players. You can help each other get further in the game by sharing tips, tricks, and personal experiences.
How to Play Pokémon Sleep early on iPhone and Android
  • Being a pioneer gives you a sense of pride: If you sign up for early access, you will be one of the first people to try Pokémon Sleep. Knowing that you are helping to shape the future of the game can be a great feeling.

How to Play Pokémon Sleep early on iPhone

  1. Go to “settings” on your device.
  2. Select your name.
  3. Tap on Purchases and Media.
  4. Choose My Account.
  5. Choose the country or region.
  6. Choose Change Country or Area.
  7. Choose either Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Latin America.
  8. Accept the rules and terms.
  9. Choosenone” for the payment method. If you don’t, you’ll need a card that works in that area.
  10. Enter a postal code that works for the area you chose.

How to Play Pokémon Sleep early on Android

  1. Open the app for the Play Store.
  2. Choose the icon for your profile in the top right corner.
  3. ClickSettings.”
  4. Select General.
  5. Choose Settings for your account and device.
  6. Choose the country and the profile.
  7. Choose the right country and region: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or Latin America.
  8. Choose PayPal as your method of payment.
  9. Type in an address that works for that country and area.


Is Pokemon sleep going to be free?

Free to download and play, Pokemon Sleep is a game that monitors how much sleep its users get and rewards them with different Pokemon species centered around a Snorlax. In the same way that Stardust is necessary for leveling up and evolving Pokemon companions in Pokemon Go, Dream Shards are essential for doing so in Pokemon Dream World.

What Pokémon sleeps for 18 hours a day?

A minimum of eighteen hours of sleep per day is required for Abra. In the event that it does not, this Pokémon will lose the ability to use its telekinetic powers. In the event that it is attacked while it is sleeping, Abra will use Teleport to flee the scene. It is awake for only two hours each day.

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