How to Protect your IP Address on WhatsApp calls

Learn how to protect your location data & stay incognito on WhatsApp calls.

In a blog post, Protect your IP Address on WhatsApp calls to provide the best audio quality and speedier data transfers. However, a significant drawback of this technique is that users must share their IP addresses with one another, which exposes specific information to the other user, such as their data provider and location.

WhatsApp has added a new privacy option called “Protect IP Address in Calls” to allay this worry. After this is configured, individual calls are routed through a server instead of P2P connections, which effectively hides your IP address from other users. Note that this server-based relay has always been utilised for group calls and is now also used for individual calls.

Why You Should Hide Your IP Address During WhatsApp Calls

An IP address, also known as a “Internet Protocol” address, is a special number that is allocated to your device and is used to establish connections with other devices. Your internet service provider (ISP) and approximate location can be easily found by someone who knows your IP address.

Your friends and family might not find this very helpful, but bad actors could utilise it to learn more about you. They can use your IP address as an exploit to learn more about your internet service provider and then utilize that information to learn more about your online activities. Advertisers purchase this data, and they utilize it to show tailored adverts. If you want to get more inofmration, than you can visit official website

How to Protect your IP Address on WhatsApp calls

  1. Launch the WhatsApp app.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Choose Privacy.
  4. Select Advanced after swiping to the bottom of the screen.
  5. Turn on the Protect IP address toggle.
  6. With WhatsApp calls, your IP address is no longer visible.
  7. Follow the previous instructions to toggle the “Protect IP address in calls” off in order to disable this function.

The Importance of Protecting Your IP Address on WhatsApp

  1. More Safety: If you hide your IP address, it’s like adding a strong lock to your online activities. It makes it tough for bad people to follow you or try to harm you.
How to Protect your IP Address on WhatsApp calls
  1. More Secretive: When you hide your IP address, it helps you stay a bit hidden on WhatsApp. This is useful when talking to people you don’t know well or when chatting about sensitive stuff.
  2. Proxy Servers: Think of proxy servers like messengers between you and the internet. They keep your real location hidden from websites and apps. But be careful and choose trustworthy proxy services to keep your privacy safe.
  3. WhatsApp’s New Feature: WhatsApp is testing a cool feature. It hides your IP address when you make calls. This means the person you’re talking to won’t know where you are. But it’s still in testing, so it might affect call quality. Be aware of that!

Common Misconceptions and Myths about IP Address Security on WhatsApp

Myth 1: Sharing my IP address on WhatsApp is no big deal.

Reality: When you share your IP address, it can let others know roughly where you are. This might not be safe if you want to stay private. Also, your IP address can give away more about you than you’d want people to know.

Myth 2: Only hackers and bad people care about my IP address.

Reality: Actually, anyone you talk to on WhatsApp can see your IP address. It’s not just hackers; even people you know or might want to work with could see it. Keeping your IP address private helps protect your privacy no matter who you’re talking to.

Myth 3: Using a free VPN keeps my IP address safe.

Reality: Free VPNs might not do a great job. They could have limited data, be slow, or not be very secure. Some free VPNs might even sell your info to others, which defeats the purpose of keeping your IP address private. It’s better to use a reliable paid VPN that’s clear about how it protects your privacy.


Can someone get your IP address on WhatsApp?

As outlined in this blog post, WhatsApp just added a new “protect IP address in calls” toggle to its settings that shields your IP from whoever’s on the other side of a call. When activated, calls will be relayed through Meta / WhatsApp servers, thus concealing your true IP address.

Is my WhatsApp being tracked by someone?

If your WhatsApp Web account shows that there are other active open sessions or shows activity that wasn’t you, it’s a sign that someone has access to your account. For example, you might find that someone is reading your WhatsApp messages from another device.

Can someone hack my phone through WhatsApp messages?

That being said, a new trend of sophisticated attacks is becoming more common. In this case, a user can hack your phone just by sending an image, a GIF, a text, or a file. These types of attacks are known as zero-click attacks because the victim does not need to interact with the message to risk being hacked.

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