Remnant 2: How to Beat The Red Prince

Take over the wasteland and rule it! This guide shows you how to beat Remnant 2's fiery king, The Red Prince, and what strategies and weaknesses you should use.

The Red Prince is a powerful Fae that appears as an optional boss in Remnant 2 video game. This fight has a lot of effects. At the first interaction, players have to make a tough choice: they can either give in to the Red Prince’s demands for tribute or risk his anger. In this article we talk about how to beat The Red Prince in Remnant 2.

When you choose the second option, a tough boss fight starts, which is different from other elite fights in the game. It takes more strategic skill to win this battle than against normal enemies, but the rewards are tempting.

The Red Prince guards rare items and valuable experience, which encourages players to take on the harder task. Although there are risks, the promise of special rewards makes dealing with The Red Prince an enticing idea. Players are drawn into an unforgettable battle with this powerful Fae entity in Remnant 2’s vast world. If you want to check price this game on Amazon.

Remnant 2: How to beat The Red Prince

  1. Location: Find the Red Prince in the Gilded Chambers while exploring Losomn.
  2. Choices: When you talk to him, you will have several choices that offer different benefits.
  3. Skip Boss Fight: To avoid the boss fight, give The Red Prince three Crimson King Coins found by killing Fae enemies in Losomn.
  4. Reward: Receive the Bloody Steel Splinter as a reward, then trade it with McCabe at Ward 13 for the Blood Draw weapon mod.
  5. Crown of the Red Prince: Acquire the Assassin’s Dagger by completing the Fae Council quest in Losomn.
  6. Helmet: Kill The Red Prince with the Assassin’s Dagger to obtain the Crown of the Red Prince helmet.
  7. Forlorn Fragment: Killing The Red Prince in any way yields the Forlorn Fragment.
  8. Trade-in: Exchange the Forlorn Fragment with McCabe at Ward 13 for the Firestorm weapon mod.
Remnant 2: How to beat The Red Prince

Protective gear

  • Heat Resistance: To protect yourself from the Prince’s fiery attacks, you should focus on armour that is resistant to heat, like the Moltenhide set or the Emberforged Cuirass.
  • Mobility: The Prince is surprisingly quick on his feet. If you want to dodge and roll quickly, choose armour like the Shadowdancer’s Garments or the Zephyr Vest.

Arms and ammunition

  • Range: Because the Prince likes to fight close up, ranged weapons like the Hunting Rifle or the Repeater Pistol are useful for stopping his attacks and doing damage to him. For long-lasting damage, think about the Beam Rifle.
  • Melee: For melee fights up close, pick weapons that can attack quickly and keep the crowd under control. You can choose the Osmium Axe or the Fangbreaker Blades. You could use the Cryo Cannon to slow down the Prince’s fire attacks.
  • Mods: Put on mods that make your chosen weapons stronger. Use elemental mods like Ice or Shock to take advantage of the Prince’s flaws.

Things to eat and traits

  • Health and Strength Tonics: Keep these on hand to stay strong. For extra fire resistance, you might want to use Blaze Salves.
  • Traits: Pick traits like Flurry of Blows, Bloodborne, and Nimble that make you more mobile, deal more damage, and stay alive longer.

Essential Traits for the Battle

  • Unwavering Resolve: Unwavering The Red Prince’s schemes will test your heroes’ resolve. They must be steadfast in the face of danger and despair. Recall the innocent lives at stake, the hope in the darkness, and Remnant’s unwavering spirit.
  • Adaptability and Innovation: The Prince is a manipulation and deceit master. To counter his schemes, your heroes must be unpredictable and adaptable. Encourage unconventional thinking, creative problem-solving, and learning from mistakes.
Remnant 2: How to beat The Red Prince
  • Unity and Trust: No hero can face such an opponent alone. Promote unwavering teamwork. The team must trust each other’s strengths, cover each other’s weaknesses, and fight together. Tell them their bond is their greatest weapon.
  • Empathy and Understanding: The Red Prince is evil, but even villains are shaped by their past. Encourage your heroes to seek understanding, not revenge. A small act of compassion may bring unexpected benefits or even redemption.
  • Selfless Sacrifice: Victory may require ultimate sacrifice. Give your heroes the courage and grace to face that possibility. Teach them that true heroism is giving their all for the greater good, inspiring future generations.

Effective Modifiers and Consumables

Changing words

  • Corrosive Aura: This does damage to the Red Prince over time, slowly reducing his health.
  • Weakness: Fire: This makes fire-based attacks do more damage to the boss.
  • Song of Swords: This increases the damage you do in melee, so you can hit harder.
  • Vampiric: As a vampire, each hit heals you, which helps you stay alive during the fight.
  • Iron Sentinel: When you use Iron Sentinel, you get a shield that can protect you from some of the Red Prince’s attacks.

Things used up

  • Oilskin Tonic: Makes you more resistant to fire, so the boss’s fiery attacks hurt you less.
  • Frenzy Dust: When you use Frenzy Dust, your attack speed temporarily speeds up, letting you deal damage faster.
  • Bloodwort: Gives you a burst of health regeneration that helps you heal after taking damage.
  • Bandages: They heal right away and can be used in emergencies.
  • Hive Shot: This skill fires a swarm of insects that do damage over time, adding another source of damage.


What do you get for killing the Red Prince Remnant 2?

Keep in mind that you will also get the Crown of the Red Prince if you kill The Red Prince with the Assassin’s Dagger. In exchange for the three coins you must pay, you will get: One trait point. A mod crafting item that you can use to make a Blood Draw weapon mod.

How do you get the Red Prince crown in Remnant 2?

Fight him normally, but use the Assassin Dagger to deal the death blow just before his health drops to zero. You will get the Crown of the Red Prince and the Forlorn Fragment as a reward for this.

What is the red prince weak to?

They are a normal part of his attack, so they will go off a lot. Try to stay on the floor across from him and roll out of the way. Then, keep hitting his head with damage, since that’s where he’s weakest. Five spears on fire circle the prince and then shoot out from the front and sides of him.

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