How to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

Safeguard your valuable data by learning how to identify, diagnose, and fix corrupted SQL databases.

Are you trying to Repair Corrupt SQL Database that has become corrupted or damaged? Also, are you interested in repairing a corrupted SQL database using a method that is both straightforward and effective? If you answered “yes,” then you should read this article. In this section, users will learn multiple methods that can be used to recover data from a SQL Server database that has been corrupted.

Let’s take a look at some real-world problems that users have encountered before we move on to finding solutions for workarounds. These users are looking for a way to repair SQL databases without losing any data in the process. Let us begin by gaining an understanding of the various reasons that could result in the database in the environment of Microsoft SQL Server being damaged or corrupted.

What is SQL Server?

A database management system called SQL Server is mostly used by other programmes to store and get data. SQL Server, which was made by Microsoft, stores and manages data in three different types of files: Primary Files (MDF), Secondary Files (NDF), and Log Files (LDF).

  • MDF extension is used for SQL Server database files. There is one main file for each database. This file holds all of the user data and objects, such as Tables, Keys, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Default Values, Views, Functions, Values, Triggers, Default Values, and more. MDF files also hold information about how to start up the database.
  • Secondary files are not required, but they do have.Extension for NDF. You can make as many NDF files as you need until they are full. While NDF files are most often used to spread data across multiple discs, they can also be used to store user data.

What Causes Corruption in SQL Database?

  • Faulty Power: Data corruption often happens when the power goes out and the server crashes instead of shutting down properly while it is processing the data.
  • I/O Subsystem Failure: According to online sources, bugs in the I/O subsystem are the main cause of corruption in a SQL database 98% of the time. Repeated corruption can happen because of bad disc drives, disc controllers, or SAN controllers.
How to Repair Corrupt SQL Database
  • SQL Server Bug: Microsoft SQL Server bugs often lead to data corruption. For example, in SQL Server 2014 and 2012, online index rebuild messes up the data in clustered indexes. Click on KB2969896 to learn more.
  • Attacks by bad people or programmes: Attacks on SQL Server by bad people or programmes can damage database files, making the database inaccessible or corrupt.

How to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

  1. Get SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and open it.
  2. Connect to the instance of SQL Server that has the damaged database.
  3. Right-click the broken database after expanding the Databases node.
  4. Go to Tasks and then Repair.
  5. Pick the Repair option in the Repair Database box and click OK.


How do I fix SQL database in recovery?

As soon as you open SQL Server Management Studio (SSM), go to Database and click on Restore Database. Select “Device” from the list of sources, then click the button next to it. Here, a dialogue box shows up. Click the “Add” button. You can then choose which backup file you want to restore.

Can we restore system Databases in SQL Server?

Backups made on the version of SQL Server that the server instance is currently running are the only ones that can be used to restore system databases. For instance, to bring back a system database on a server instance that is running SQL Server 2012 (11.03.2023)

Can a database be recovered?

Most of the time, all of the data in a SQL Server database is brought back before the database itself is recovered. But a restore operation can get back a database even if it doesn’t restore a backup. This could happen if it’s just getting back a read-only file that is the same as the database. A recovery-only restore is what this is called.

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