How to Repair Photos Library and Restore Photos on Mac

Don't mourn lost memories! Master these fixes to revive your Photos library & photos on Mac.

The Photos Library is where Mac stores all the pictures that you copy or move from your iPhone or a memory card. The Photos app can be used to look at these pictures. On a Mac, the Photos Library is in the Pictures folder. In this article we will show you how to Repair Photos Library and Restore Photos on Mac.

This is what many Mac users have said, though: when they try to run Photos on their Macs, they get the message “Photos must quit because the photo library has become unavailable or its data is corrupt.” What caused the mistake? We will talk about 5 ways to fix your photo library on a Mac in this post.

How to use the Photos Repair Library tool on Mac

  1. Press and hold the Command and Option keys at the same time as you click Photos from the launchpad, the dock, or Finder > Applications.
  2. Click the Repair button in the box that comes up.
  3. To begin, use Touch ID or the master password.
  4. It starts to fix and restore things and opens the Library immediately.

How to Repair Photos Library and Restore Photos on Mac

Repairing Photos Library with Disk Utility on Mac

  1. Open up the Disc Utility app on your Mac.
  2. Select View and click on “Show All Devices.”
  3. Choose the disc or volume that is giving you trouble, and then click the “First Aid” button to do more research.
  4. Press “Continue” after pressing “Run” to begin the process.

Rebuild Photos Library in iPhoto

  1. Close the Photos app and open the list of apps. Look for the iPhoto app.
  2. Click on the iPhotos app while holding down the Option and Command keys on your computer.
  3. Keep pressing the keys until you see the Photo Library First Aid box and the iPhotos app starts to load.
  4. Click on Fix Permissions.
  5. Depending on the problem you’re having, you can choose the other choices if you need to make other repairs.
  6. Press “Repair.”
  7. It will take some time to finish every fix or rebuild. It normally takes longer to rebuild the thumbnails and the database than to fix the problem.
  8. After that, your iPhoto Library should work fine.

Restore Photos by Using iCloud

  1. Start up your System Preferences.
  2. Visit your Apple ID.
  3. Once you’re in the settings for your Apple ID, make sure that Photos is chosen and turned on.

Importance of Regular Backups for Photos on Mac

  • Data disasters do happen. Accidents happen, hard drives crash, and software can get messed up. If you back up your files regularly, you’ll always have a copy of your memories, even if something happens to your computer.
How to Repair Photos Library and Restore Photos on Mac
  • Peace of Mind: It’s very relaxing to know that your pictures are safe. If you know your memories are safe, you can try out new software, get a better Mac, or even travel with less stress.
  • Protect Your Memories: Your photos hold priceless memories of important events and important times in your life, from landmarks as a child. Backups make sure that these times are saved, even if something terrible happens to your Mac.
  • Fixing Mistakes: Deleted a picture by accident? Don’t worry! If you have backups, you can easily get back the lost gem without having to pay a lot for data recovery services.
  • Access on More Than One Device: Backups let you get to your photos on any device, from anywhere. It’s easy to share and enjoy your memories with family and friends when you use cloud files or external drives.


How do I restore my old iPhoto library?

Find the backup of your iPhoto library (it’s in the “Home/Pictures/iPhoto Library” folder by default), click on it to pick it, and then click “Restore” to get your data back. How long it takes to restore iPhoto Library varies on how big it is.

How do I clean up my photo library on my Mac?

Drag the original Photos Library from where it is now (the Pictures folder of your home folder) to the Trash to get rid of it and free up room on your Mac. After that, empty the trash. Before you open Photos, make sure your file device is always on and ready to go.

What does repairing Photos library do?

The Repair Library tool is a hidden feature in macOS that checks the database of your picture library for errors and fixes them. You shouldn’t count on the tool to fix all picture library problems, but you should give it a try before calling Apple Support.

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