How to Restore Health in Undawn

You may have noticed that your Health bar is always low. In this guide on How to Restore Health in Undawn, we will talk about how to increase your Health meter, which is one of the more confusing parts of the Health Monitor because it’s different from the others. In Undawn, it’s important to know that Health and Hitpoints are not the same thing. Your Hitpoints, or HP as the game calls them, are shown on the green bar in the top left corner of the screen. That is followed by two gray bars, one of which shows your Health. The one we’re talking about here is the grey one

Collecting and Using Healing Items in Undawn

Getting Items That Help You Heal

  • Learn about the world. All over the world of Undawn, you can find things that heal. You can find them in chests, buildings, and even on the ground.
  • Make things that can heal. You can also use things you find in the world to make healing items. This is a good way to always have healing items on hand.
  • You can buy items that heal from merchants. You can also buy healing items from merchants if you’re in a hurry or don’t have time to find or make them.

Using Healing Items

  • When your health is low, use items that heal. Don’t use an item that heals you when you’re about to die. As soon as you start to take damage, use them.
How to Restore Health in Undawn
  • Use different things to heal based on the situation. Some healing items are better for quickly restoring a lot of health, while others are better for slowly restoring a small amount of health.
  • Be aware of how long healing items take to work again. Some items that heal have a cooldown, so you can’t use them right away.

How to Restore Health in Undawn

  1. Open your backpack: Press the backpack icon located on the left side of the screen.
  2. Access the general tab: This is where you will find items to restore your health.
  3. Various healing items: Undawn offers several items for health restoration, including Cans and Antibodies.
    • Cans: Restore 25 HP and reduce hunger by 25 for five seconds.
    • Antibodies: Restore 30 HP each.
  4. Recommended healing method: The best way to heal in Undawn is by using Simple Bandages.
    • Simple Bandages: Restore 100 HP each.
    • Crafting on the go: They can be crafted on the go, making them convenient to use.
  5. Crafting Simple Bandages:
    • Select Simple Bandages: Choose Simple Bandages from the available options.
    • Select Obtain: Click on Obtain in the pop-up window.
    • Choose “Crafting on the go”: Opt for the “crafting on the go” option.
    • Crafting requirements: You will need five Plant Fiber to craft one Simple Bandage.
  6. Abundant resource: Plant Fiber is easy to come across, allowing you to make plenty of Simple Bandages quickly in Undawn.

The Role of Support Classes in Health Restoration

  • Healing spells: can give allies a certain amount of health back. They are a simple but effective way to protect your allies.
  • Healing over time (HoT) effects: heal allies in a steady stream over a certain amount of time. They are a good way to keep your allies’ health up, especially during long battles.
  • Shields: These skills put up a wall around allies that soaks up damage. This can help keep allies from getting hurt too much.
  • Buffs: These abilities can improve the attack power, defense, or movement speed of allies. This can help allies do better in battle.
  • Debuffs: These skills can lower an enemy’s attack power, defense, or movement speed, among other things. This can make it easier for you to kill enemies.

Analyzing the Best Health Restoration Equipment

  • First Aid Kit: This is the most basic thing in Undawn that can help you get better. It can be used quickly and heals a small amount of health.
  • Med Kit: This is a more powerful piece of health-restoring gear that restores more health. It takes a few seconds to use, but it’s worth the wait.
  • Healing Station: This is a piece of health-repair equipment that stays in one place and can be found in safe zones. It slowly heals a lot of health and is a great way to get better after a hard battle.
  • Medical Drone: The Medical Drone is a drone that players can use to heal themselves when they are near it. It’s a great tool for playing with a group, and it can save the day in tough situations.


To sum up this guide, it’s important to know that Health and HP are two completely different things in Undawn. In Undawn, players will need to use Antibiotics and keep their Body, Mentality, Hygiene, and Metabolism meters at high levels to get their health back.


What is the best healing in Unturned?

In Unturned 3, the Medkit is an Epic Medicine on the map Elver. When used, it restores 75% of the player’s health, 5% of their virus, 5% of their thirst, 5% of their hunger, 100% of their stamina, stops them from bleeding, and fixes their broken legs.

Can you purify water in Unturned?

In Unturned 3, the Canteen is a Rare Water Canister. By default, you can fill it up again by pressing RMB on a Well, a full Rain Barrel, or a body of water. The water can then go into a Water Tank. When dirty water is mixed with Purification Tablets, it can be made clean.

What is full moon in Unturned?

It starts when the Full Moon rises at night, which is when “The Full Moon emerges” appears on Player’s screens. When this happens, all Zombies, even the Mega Zombies, get glowing red eyes. They do more damage to Players and can find them much farther away.

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