Tears of the Kingdom: How to Complete Right-Leg Depot

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: How to Complete Right-Leg Depot is where you’ll find the right leg for the Construct you’re making at the Construct Factory. For the Construct, you also need the Left-Leg, Left-Arm, and Right-Arm, in addition to this leg. In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, once the Construct is finished, you can use it to finally get to the Spirit Temple. You must first start the main quest Find the Fifth Sage before you can get any of these body parts. Below, you will find out how to finish the Right-Leg Depot in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and where it is.

Where Is The Right Leg Depot?

  • Turn Northeast from Mineruโ€™s Statue and head on straight.
  • Get to the coordinates 1152, -2084, and -0516. Now comes the difficult part: the Right Leg Depot is atop a cliff, and Link is on the ground.
  • First of all, climb on a neighboring tree and then glide your way onto the cliff.
  • Now on the cliff, the Depot is in the depths.
  • Get on top of the Ruins, and you can use the Ascend ability to help your cause.
  • Turn left, and continue till a bridge appears. Jump off the bridge and glide down where the Depot entrance is using your Paraglider. 

Tears of the Kingdom: How to Complete Right-Leg Depot

  1. Lift the box that has the Right Leg and put it on the elevator with you. Then hit the fans, which will send the elevator to the next landing.
  2. At the next level, there will be a U-shaped piece. Connect the box to this piece so that the open part of the U faces the box. This will make the new structure stable.
  3. Move this box into the elevator and hit the fans to get to the next floor.
  4. There will be a Glider and some other fans on this level.
  5. Connect your building to the glider and a fan.
  6. Send your building to the main area, where you can take it apart and find the right leg.

Finding Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs

  • Talk to everyone. Many of the characters in Tears of the Kingdom have hidden knowledge or clues that can lead you to secrets.
  • Read every book and scroll. There are many hidden secrets in the books and scrolls that you can find throughout Tears of the Kingdom.
Tears of the Kingdom: How to Complete Right-Leg Depot
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Sometimes, the clues to hidden secrets are hidden in plain sight.
  • Use your imagination. Sometimes, the best way to find hidden secrets is to use your imagination and think outside the box.

Interacting with Non-Playable Characters (NPCs)

  • Purchase things from them. You can buy things from many NPCs. Check out what these things have to offer to see if they can help you on your trip.
  • Sell to them. You can trade with some NPCs. This means that you can trade them things you don’t want for things you do want.
  • Find out what happened. There are a lot of interesting stories that NPCs can tell. Eventually, if you talk to them long enough, they will tell you their stories. You can learn a lot about the world of Tears of the Kingdom by reading these stories.

Leveling Up and Progression in Right-Leg Depot

  • In Diablo 4, the most basic way to move forward is to level up. As you kill enemies and complete quests, you will earn experience points. When you have enough experience points, you will move up a level and get a new skill point. This skill point can be used to make one of your character’s skills better.
  • In Diablo 4, you can also move forward by getting better gear. Your gear score will go up as you find more gear. How powerful your gear is is shown by your gear score. The more damage you do and the more health you have, the higher your gear score.


How do I activate left leg depot?

Pick up the part for the Left Leg Depot and place it on the metal grate to the left of the activation circle. You can then get on with it, hit the rocket attached to it and ride the lift up to the level above, which will fire the part out next to you.Jun 5, 2023

Why can’t i activate the right leg depot?

If you haven’t already, you need to finish a step at the Construct Factory before you can start the right Leg Depot challenge. If you don’t have this, when you get to the location, no matter how many times you press the Zonai activation pad, nothing will happen and you’ll keep getting the red X of death.

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