How to Set Up Roku TV

To put it simply, a Roku TV is just like any other smart TV and it’s super easy to Set Up Roku TV. This means that you can use internet Video streaming services, apps, and other features, like voice controls, without needing to use any other devices. Roku gives other companies, like Onn, Sharp, RCA, Hisense, and others, the rights to make Roku TVs. Roku TVs are different from other brands because they run on Roku OS. The OS is what makes it possible to use these apps, streaming services, voice controls, and more.

Roku TV puts all the features that you like about Roku’s streaming devices right into a smart TV. There are actually hundreds of Roku TV models from top brands like Hisense, JVC, TCL, Westinghouse, and more. The Roku Channel Store has more than 20,000 apps that you can use to stream TV shows and movies, listen to music, and play video games.

Even though the popular and reliable Roku streaming platform is built into a number of TV brands, most people know Roku from its original form, which is a wide range of dongles and set-top boxes you can buy separately and plug into any TV. You might really like the extra features that come with these, like a voice-control remote and the ability to switch Roku between TVs depending on where you want to watch.

How to Set Up Roku TV

How to Set Up Roku TV
  • Turn on your Roku TV or the TV connected to your Roku streaming stick or box. The first thing you see is an animated Roku logo on the Roku power-up page.
  • Choose the language for the Roku’s on-screen menus. You may also have to choose your country on Roku TVs.
  • Connect your Roku TV, stick, or box to your network router so that you can use the internet. Roku streaming sticks only work with Wi-Fi, but Roku boxes and TVs can connect to both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. If the Roku device is connected to Wi-Fi, it searches for all available networks. Choose the network you want to use and type in your Wi-Fi password.
  • Once you’re connected to the network, you may get a message telling you that a software or firmware update is available. If so, let Roku go through the process of updating.
  • If you use HDMI, the Roku device automatically figures out the TV’s resolution and aspect ratio and adjusts the video signal it sends out to match. You can make changes to this if you want to.
  • Since you need it to do the steps we’ve talked about so far, your Roku remote should work on its own. If it does need to be paired, the TV will let you know and give you instructions.
  • If you have the Roku Enhanced Remote that comes with some devices, the Check Remote Settings option shows up and automatically sets up the remote to control the TV’s power and volume.
  • Go to the Roku signup page to make an account. Create a username, type in a password, enter your address, and choose a way to pay.
  • After you set up a Roku account, the TV screen will show you more instructions, including an activation code. Use a PC, laptop, tablet, or phone to go to and enter the code number.
  • On the TV screen, you’ll see a message that says your Roku device is now working.
  • The Roku Home menu comes up and lets you control the device and choose channels or apps. If the Home menu doesn’t show up, click the arrow to the right of the message that says “All done.”

What is Roku TV

Roku is a company known for making devices that stream media and run the Roku software (known as Roku OS). The company was started in 2008, and new versions of software and hardware are coming out every day. Roku smart TVs are different from other smart TVs because they are known for making it easy to access and stream video and audio content on a TV.

Roku TV gives you access to Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and hundreds of other similar services, along with hundreds of specialised channels that can stream everything from interesting to strange content. A Roku TV is a TV that runs the Roku operating system. Roku TVs are known for having a clean and simple interface.

Since it came out, Roku TV has been well-known among both regular customers and tech fans, like TCL TV. Roku TV has a lot of free streaming apps, such as Netflix and YouTube. Also, don’t worry if your apps aren’t already on your phone.

The Roku Channel Store is still a place where you can get your favourite streaming apps. A Roku TV can cost a little bit more than a regular smart TV, though. Considering that you won’t have to buy a separate Roku streaming device, that’s pretty good.

Difference Between Roku TVs and other smart TVs

As we briefly talked about before, Roku OS is what makes a Roku TV different from other smart TVs. Roku TV works just like most other operating systems for smart TVs. Roku OS is probably most notable for how well it works with other ecosystems.

You can use Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit instead of being limited to just one voice assistant. And since Roku has been doing this for a while, things usually go well. That doesn’t mean nothing ever goes wrong, but in general, things are pretty consistent.


Why is my Roku not connecting to my TV?

Check that the video cable is securely attached to the back of your Roku player and to the HDMI or composite connector on your TV. If you have a Roku Streaming Stick, make sure it’s securely plugged into your TV’s HDMI port.

Why is Roku charging me monthly?

How come Roku is charging me $5.99 every month? If you see a recurring charge on your credit card bill, it means you have signed up for a paid or premium subscription (or someone with access to your Roku player has signed up for a channel).

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