Sitedrop: A Visual Way to Share and Collaborate with Dropbox

Discover how Sitedrop revolutionizes the way you share and collaborate using Dropbox. With its sleek and visual interface, Sitedrop allows creators, like designers, artists, and musicians, to easily showcase their work and receive feedback from clients, colleagues, and fellow artists.

What is Sitedrop and how does it work?

Sitedrop is a web service that seamlessly integrates with your Dropbox account, transforming the content of any Dropbox folder into a visually appealing website. By simply placing your files in a designated folder, you can create a site without the need for any coding or website building. Changes made to your Dropbox folder will automatically update on your Sitedrop site.

Setting up your Sitedrop site

To get started, register an account with Sitedrop using your email address and link it to your Dropbox account. Create a folder or select an existing one to “upload” to your site. Sitedrop will generate a site for you based on the folder’s contents. Manage multiple sites from the dashboard view named “Your Sites.”

Managing your site with Sitedrop

Each Sitedrop site appears as a separate “card” in the dashboard, displaying the site’s title, URL, Dropbox folder, number of files, and contributors. To edit the content of a site, simply click the gear icon on the card. Add more links to the sidebar by creating subfolders within Dropbox, and enable uploads directly from the site for added convenience.

Sitedrop file support and other features

Sitedrop supports a wide range of file types, including images, videos from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, audio files such as MP3, and text files including Markdown documents. The platform offers a lightbox view where you can leave comments and mark files as favorites. You can also customize your Sitedrop site by adding a logo, changing the site name, setting a password, and more.

Conclusion: Sitedrop is a game-changing collaboration tool

Sitedrop offers creative users an intuitive and visually appealing platform to share their work with clients and collaborate with others. Whether you need a simple way to showcase your portfolio, manage a collaborative project, or share your creative work with the world, Sitedrop is the tool for you. Best of all, it’s currently free to use, with premium features planned for the future.


1. How much does Sitedrop cost?

Currently, Sitedrop is free to use. However, the team plans to introduce premium features in the future, which may include charges for additional sites beyond the first five.

2. Can I upload files to my Sitedrop site without accessing my Dropbox?

Yes, Sitedrop allows you to enable uploads directly from the site itself. This feature comes in handy when you need to add files to your site but don’t have access to your Dropbox account.

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