Starfield: How to Sell Ships: space garage sale

Master the art of ship sales in Starfield, optimize your fleet, and unlock new possibilities with this comprehensive guide.

How to Sell Ships in Starfield? It’s possible to make extra money by selling ships that you don’t plan to improve or use anymore if you play Starfield. Here are some things you should know. You can make a lot of money by selling ships, but you have to go through a few hoops to do so, especially if the ships are stolen.

Whether you just want to trade up or are looking for ways to sell ships on the black market to get those sweet credits, this guide has everything you need to know. It even includes where to sell your ships and any extra steps you may need to take to sell your stolen ships.

Where to Sell Ships in Starfield

In Starfield, its systems can sometimes get lost in a sea of amazing features, which makes sense given how big it is. Certainly one of these methods is being able to sell ships. This mechanic is naturally linked to a group of features at Ship Services, which is where you can fix and improve your ships in Starfield.

Starfield: How to Sell Ships

Ship Services can usually be found at every big city spaceport in Starfield, as well as a few other smaller outposts. It may not be there all the time, though. The Ship Services Technician will be introduced to players very early on in the game. Sadly, this is also when they will be learning a number of other important features. These helpful merchants and crafters are available all the way through the game, so players will never really reach a point where they can’t find them.

How to Sell Ships in Starfield

  1. Ask a Ship Services Technician for ship assistance. Usually the top and only ship-related choice, the dialogue will differ.
  2. Say “I’d like to view and modify my ships” .
  3. Browse your ships using the top navigation commands to find one to sell. After finding it, click Register. Without enough credits, this option won’t appear.
  4. Please validate ship registration.
  5. After capturing the ship you want to sell, it will appear as Home Ship at the top of the page. We must make another ship Home Ship to sell this one. Use top navigation controls to switch ships.
  6. Select Make Home Ship on the other ship.
  7. Select Exit and return to Ship Services Technician. Exit ends dialogue, therefore you must talk to them again.
  8. Talking to the Ship Services Technician again, choose Let me see your ships for sale.
  9. When you land on Buy, switch to Sell.
  10. Switch to the ship you want to sell using the top navigation controls after landing on your Home Ship.
  11. Select Sell.
  12. Confirm the sale in the pop-up!

Which ships should you sell?

You are the only one who can decide if a ship is worth selling. You should keep a few ships in your collection. If you need to haul things, you can use one with a big cargo hold. To survive fierce fights, you’ll probably need a strong fighter with lots of weapons. Also, you might need something with a big Grav Drive so you can go a long way at once, which will help you near the end of the game. If you want to check price for this game on amazon.

At the beginning of the video game, you might get lucky enough to be in some space fights where you can dock with an enemy ship and fly it away. When you sell these kinds of ships, you might get credits that you can use to buy one of the best starting ships in the game.


How do I sell my stolen ship Starfield?

Once the player has registered the stolen ship, they can talk to a Ship Services Technician and ask to see what things they have for sale. To trade the stolen spaceship, they can go to their collection and select “Sell” (G on PC). People who deal in stolen ships should know that it’s not a reliable way to make money.

How do I sell my ship without registering it Starfield?

Your home ship will be the first ship you see. Then hold down LB and A and let go at the same time. It will show up on the screen and ask you if you want to sell your unregistered ship for the amount shown on the screen. Thank you very much, this way I’ve already sold 5 ship

Can you scrap ships in Starfield?

The problem with Starfield is that you can’t take ships apart to use their parts. If you buy a ship and like something about it, you can change it so that it builds around the part you like. Not yet, though. You can’t just destroy a ship and bank all of its parts in Starfield.

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