How to Fix Steam Keeps Crashing on Windows 11: 5 Fixes

Steam is a well-known place to get digital copies of games, and it probably has one of the best game libraries that are stored in the cloud. But even the best people have problems from time to time, and that’s perfectly normal. One of the most common problems with Steam is that it sometimes crashes when you start it up or look through its game library. This problem is not the same as the one where Steam won’t open for some people. This article is about How to Fix Steam Keeps Crashing on Windows 11.

Many Steam users have said that they have trouble starting video games on Steam. Some games close when they get to the loading screen, while others start up and then stop without giving any kind of error message.

When Steam games crash when you start them up, it could be because of a problem with the game’s cache, a damaged game file, or old graphics card drivers on your PC. Read this piece if you are having trouble with Steam games crashing when you try to play them. Here, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to fix Steam Keeps Crashing on Windows 11. You can also visit Steam official site for more support.

How to Fix Steam Keeps Crashing on Windows 11

How to Fix Steam Keeps Crashing on Windows 11

Run an SFC scan

  • Open CMD as administrator.
  • Now, right-click Command Prompt in the list of results from the search.
  • Choose “Run as administrator” and click “Yes” if asked to give admin rights.
  • Once the command prompt window starts, type the following command and hit Enter to run it: [There’s a space before /]
sfc /scannow

Verify The Integrity Of Game Files

  • Go to the Library tab in the Steam app. Right-click on the game that is giving you trouble and choose Properties.
  • Select Local Files from the sidebar on the left, and then click the ‘Verify security of game files’ button.
  • Let Steam fix any problems with the game files, and then try to open the app again to see if it still crashes.

Update Graphics Driver

  • Open Windows Device Manager.
  • Right-click on the graphics card and choose Update driver.
  • Pick Automatically look for cars.
  • If there is an update, it will download and install it instantly.
  • Once you’re done, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Check for Optional Updates

  • Open Windows setting.
  • Click Windows Update in the list on the left > Click on Options for experts.
  • Now, go to Additional options > Optional changes > To make the list bigger, click on Driver changes.
  • If there are changes for drivers or applications available, choose each one one at a time.
  • Click on Download and install to finish. Wait for the process of updating to be done.
  • Changes will take effect after you restart your computer.

Delete The Files

  • Stop the Steam app from running on your computer.
  • Then, open File Explorer. Then, go to the place where you installed Steam by using the arrow keys to move around. It’s most often in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
  • Find the ClientRegsitry.blob file, click it, and then click the Trash button at the top of the screen to get rid of it.


Does Steam have a problem with Windows 11?

 Some steam tasks might still run in the background on your Windows 11 computer. This is because the steam server starts running when you log in to your system. This can lead to errors where Steam won’t start. But you can fix this problem by choosing to start from scratch so that the programme starts up without any bugs.

Why does Steam crash so much?

The reasons why Steam games crash can be spread out in almost every way. There’s no hard and fast rule here. It could be because there isn’t enough open memory, the video settings are wrong, or the version of Windows is too old.

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