The 14 Best Roku Private Channels to Elevate Your Streaming Experience

If you’re a fan of streaming media, you’ve probably heard of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Instant Video. But have you explored the world of Roku? Roku is a cutting-edge company that offers physical boxes or streaming devices to connect your TV to the internet and access their streaming platform. While many popular channels like Netflix and Hulu are available, Roku also offers a range of private channels that are more difficult to find and require an access code.

What Are Roku Private Channels?

Roku private channels are hidden gems that offer unique content and experiences. These channels may be excluded from the public list due to explicit content, being in beta testing, or catering to a private audience. Despite being “private,” many of these channels are intended for public consumption and can be easily found with a quick internet search for access codes.

The Must-See Roku Private Channels

Here are the top 14 private Roku channels that you shouldn’t miss:

1. Tv nowhere

Access code: H9DWC

Nowhere TV broadcasts live TV from around the world, curating content from major sources like ABC, BBC, and HBO. It offers a diverse range of programming, from gardening to sports, and it’s completely free.

2. FilmOn

Access code: NMEVA

FilmOn is an internet-based TV service that brings you live television from around the world. With over 700 international channels, including UK over-the-air channels, FilmOn allows you to record up to an hour of video and offers similar content to Nowhere TV.

3. The Internet Archive

Access code: NMJS5

Also known as the Nowhere Archive, this channel offers a nostalgic trip through classic movies, cartoons, and shows. Dive into the golden days of television and cinema with silent movies, film noir mysteries, and beloved animated characters.

4. Ace tv

Access code: acetv

Ace TV is a treasure trove of classic martial arts movies, tacky sci-fi films, and B-movie horror. Immerse yourself in the world of the classics with this channel.

5. iTunes podcasts

Access code: ITPC

Discover a vast collection of podcasts from Apple’s iTunes service. Find podcasts that match your interests, browse featured podcasts, and organize your favorites for easy access.

6. Cowboy classics

Access code: COWBOY

For fans of Westerns, Cowboy Classics is a must-have. With nearly 60 classic films, including famous spaghetti westerns and silent westerns, this channel will satisfy your craving for the wild west.

7. Silent movie channel

Access code: ROLLEM

If you prefer silent movies over modern blockbusters, this channel is for you. Journey through history and cultures with a variety of silent movies from different genres.

8. Great cooks

Access code: LARGE

Rediscover your favorite dishes or explore new ones with this channel. Great Chefs offers culinary delights taught by some of the best chefs in the country.

9. Desert channel

Access code: FL1821095

If you’re a nature enthusiast, this channel is perfect for you. Explore programming related to hunting, fishing, camping, and surviving in the wild. You can even watch live video from the National Park Service and Parks of Canada.

10. Space weather

Access code: CN6MRTG

Embark on a journey through space with Space Time. This channel brings you content from world space agencies like NASA, making complex topics accessible to everyone.

11. Neon Party Games

Access code: H2CLHP

Turn your TV into an interactive game console with Neon Party Games. These fun party games incorporate your smartphone or tablet for hours of multiplayer fun.

12. Unofficial Twitch

Access code: TwitchTV

If you’re a gamer, you can’t miss the Unofficial Twitch channel. Stream the best of TwitchTV, keep up with your favorite games and players, and discover new gaming experiences.

13. Relax tv

Access code: VRQHQ

After a long day, unwind with Relax TV. This channel offers soothing visuals like tropical lagoons, rainstorms, serene ocean sunsets, and even an electronic fish tank and fireplace to create a calming atmosphere.

14. Goats live

Access code: Goats Live

Watch live goats and experience the whimsy of their daily lives. This channel, once listed as one of the most interesting webcams, still offers weekly video updates for goat enthusiasts.

Where to Find More Roku Private Channels

If these 14 private channels are not enough for you, visit for more public and private channel recommendations. Don’t worry if the channels listed here change or disappear, as new channels are constantly being added to the Roku platform.

Let us know in the comments if you have any favorite private channels that we haven’t mentioned. Happy streaming!


1. How do I add a private channel to my Roku?

To add a private channel to your Roku, you’ll need the channel’s access code. Go to your Roku account page, navigate to “Add a Channel,” and enter the access code. The private channel will then be added to your Roku device.

2. Can I watch private channels for free on Roku?

Yes, many private channels on Roku are free to watch. However, keep in mind that the availability of content may vary, and some channels may offer premium subscription options for additional content.

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