Tips to Avoid Excessive Use of WhatsApp

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Check Tips to Avoid Excessive Use of WhatsApp

WhatsApp, as we all know, has become a regular application these days. Everybody uses it and is quite familiar with it. But this smart app is becoming an obsession these days. The growing addiction, especially among young people, is ruining their years of learning and growing. Instead of understanding relationships, they have indulged in these WhatsApp groups where they are simply wasting their valuable time. Enjoying random conversations, forming meaningless groups, swiping the phone screen all day to check the last time you saw each other and status updates have become a ritual. Because of all this, relationships and family time have taken a backseat.

Not just relationships, even basic health is deteriorating. Sitting in one place all day and continuously moving your fingers on the keyboard of your phone or laptop is causing vision problems, back problems, obesity, nervous breakdowns, sleep disorders such as insomnia, and even personality disorders. Teenagers are becoming more arrogant and avoid social gatherings. Their lives are confined to the four walls of their rooms. WhatsApp emojis are used to show emotions and feelings and people have become “robots”.

Tips to avoid excessive use of WhatsApp

“Record silence” and set it as WhatsApp ringtone

WhatsApp does not have an option where you can select ‘No ringtone’ for messages or calls. You must select a default ringtone. Still, if you want to silence it, you have to put your mobile phone in silent mode. The simplest trick is to create your own silent ringtone. Record pin-drop silence for 2 seconds using your audio recorder app and save it as ‘silent ringtone’. Open WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications. Select ‘silent ringtone’ as your ringtone and notification.

Disable WhatsApp notifications for new messages

Go to your WhatsApp app, choose settings, select Notifications, now disable all notifications for WhatsApp. You will find Notifications in the app, tap on that and disable vibration and popups as well. Now, you will not receive any notification of new messages unless and until you open WhatsApp on purpose.

Disable WhatsApp notification light

This is very easy. Open WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications > Light. Select ‘none’. Simply remove WhatsApp shortcut from your home screen. If you follow these steps, you will receive WhatsApp messages in the background, but you will never know about them. No more annoying WhatsApp notification tone. To view any WhatsApp message, you need to open WhatsApp within the app menu and then check.

Prevent WhatsApp from using mobile data

In Android general settings, go to your phone settings and then go to Apps; Open the list of applications and choose WhatsApp. Then tap ‘Force stop’.

Disable background data access in WhatsApp

Under the Data option, disable ‘Background Data’ and revoke all app permissions for WhatsApp. Without uninstalling it, this will ‘kill’ WhatsApp completely. You will continue to receive messages the moment you open WhatsApp, but now you know how to ignore them.

Do not open WhatsApp after clicking “Force Stop”

If you don’t want the sender of the messages to know that you read the message or you get a “Double tick”, just don’t open WhatsApp after clicking “Force stop” in your phone settings.

Final words: Tips to Avoid Excessive Use of WhatsApp

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