Tips to Improve Your Streaming Quality

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Check Tips to Improve Your Streaming Quality

Whether you’re a videographer, live streaming studio, or corporate company in the broadcast business, you should always be looking for new ways to improve the quality of your live stream because it’s critical for viewers, customers, and your bands. Research has also shown that business revenue dependent on live streaming can drop by as much as 25% if streaming quality is poor. To help you create high-quality live streams, this post looks at everything you can do to produce the best live video content.

We have all been there. Video streaming on your TV, lounging directly in comfortable clothes. Ready to see what happens next. Then it happens: Hulu keeps buffering. You switch to Netflix. Slow. Amazon Prime, Disney+, and even YouTube TV frustrate you with poor streaming quality and pixelated images.

There are a plethora of video streaming services on the market today. For a seamless experience, you need a super-fast broadband connection at home. A slow Internet connection will cause performance issues. Streaming quality will be poor and images will be pixelated. Issues like these can hamper your movie experience entirely. In this article we tell you the tips to improve your streaming experience.

Tips to improve the quality of your stream

Generate multiple bitrates for ABR video streaming

Some video streams or broadcasters produce only a single bitrate from their encoders and this is not recommended because you cannot take advantage of ABR streaming and provide a great user experience. The problem with providing a single stream is that players can’t adapt to changing network conditions and dynamically switch to a different bitrate or resolution to ensure playback doesn’t stop.

However, if you produce multiple streams (perhaps three) of different bitrates and resolutions, then the player can inspect your available bandwidth and intelligently choose one of the bitrates to adapt to changing network conditions. (also known as ABR transmission).

But producing multiple bitrates is not enough. You must convert them to an ABR streaming protocol such as HLS/DASH before serving them to your users. Let’s see that next.

Use a hardware accelerated encoder

For a live stream to be engaging and dynamic, you’ll need more than just your webcam view. Professional live streamers use multiple video sources, such as screencasting, cameras with different points of view, applications and much more. Each resource increases the load on your computer and could slow it down. In ManyCam, if you choose hardware as your encoder, you will save power from your CPU and your stream will be processed by your GPU.

Choose the correct segment length for HLS and MPEG-DASH.

After deciding to use HLS or MPEG-DASH, the most important step is choosing the correct segment length during the packaging step (ie, creating the HLS/DASH-compliant stream). The bundler, as you know, slices a video into small equal-sized chunks, and normally you need to set the size of a chunk in your bundler or live streaming provider’s platform.

What is the effect of the length of the video segment on your live stream?

If the length of the segment is small (eg 1 second), the player must request the CDN for video every second, and this consumes a lot of resources on both the player and the CDN. However, the startup delay will be less on the other hand because the player has to wait three seconds or less before playing the video (assuming the player is configured to wait for 3 segments to arrive before playing the video).

If the length of the segment is long (eg 10 seconds), then the player has to download a large amount of data for each video segment (10 seconds of data per request!). While the player is downloading this large portion of video, if the bandwidth fluctuates, the player cannot do anything while the download is in progress. You can only switch down (ABR) when downloading the next segment. Aside from this, large segment sizes tend to cause large startup delays/latencies.

Use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi

Use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. Wires and cables are not elegant. They get in the way and cause a tripping hazard. Still, if you want the best performance from your consumer-grade hardware, cables are a must for certain things. Most PC gamers will opt for wired peripherals like mice and keyboards over their wireless counterparts, all for that little boost in performance.

When it comes to streaming, an Ethernet cable offers a direct wired connection between your router and your hardware. Using a wired connection over a wireless connection can make a difference in the quality of your stream.

Use quality cameras

A good camera is the key to quality live streaming. If you are looking for professional live streaming and delivering high-quality content to your viewers, investing in quality cameras is a must. The best live streaming cameras capture focused, high-resolution video without any delay.

test your stream

Live streaming without doing a test first is like skydiving without checking your parachute. Sure you can have a perfectly working parachute and have the time of your life free falling from 15,000 feet, but there’s also a chance you’ll end up with an anvil tied to ropes like Daffy Duck.

Do a full test, preferably at the location where you’ll be broadcasting the actual stream, and check for any sound, lighting, or encoder issues. Cameras, microphones, and other equipment will also be crucial to check before going live. You don’t want your viewers to be unable to hear you because of a faulty microphone.

Final words: Tips to Improve Your Streaming Quality

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