How to Navigate Tumblr’s iOS App Restrictions for Sensitive Content

As part of Tumblr’s ongoing efforts to maintain compliance with the policies that govern the App Store, the company has decided to add a button to its iPhone app that will allow users to flag posts that include potentially offensive material. This function is turned on by default, and when it is activated, it hides blogs “that are explicit in nature,” eliminates posts from recommendations that contain sensitive tags, and prohibits search results from including sensitive tags.

If the toggle is turned off, users will be able to search for tags that may contain posts of a suggestive nature and view suggestions that may contain content that is suggestive or sensitive. If the toggle is enabled, users will only be able to search for tags that have content that is neither suggestive or sensitive. You will also be able to swipe past an overlay that shows on blogs that have been flagged as having content. This will be possible if you turn off the setting that allows you to do so. Despite this, you won’t be able to read any of the posts that have been flagged for being improper for whatever reason.

The Impact of Content Restrictions on Tumblr’s iOS App

Tumblr has implemented preventative safeguards to limit users’ access to sensitive content within its iOS app as a direct response to prior incidents in which the app was removed from the Apple App Store.

This change is being made in order to comply with the rules provided by Apple and to make the overall environment safer for users. On the other hand, it is essential to keep in mind that these constraints are not applicable to the desktop website or the Android app.

Addressing Developer Concerns and Apple’s App Store Regulations

Developers, like those behind Tumblr, have expressed their discontent with Apple’s stringent app certification process and restrictions on the availability of payment options provided by third parties. The complexity of the situation, as exemplified by the friction that emerges between software developers and the regulations that Apple imposes, may be seen in the context of the software Store. It is critical for end users as well as software developers to have a strong understanding of the implications of these regulations.

Addressing Community Concerns and Further Developments

Tumblr is committed to maintaining open communication with its user base regarding the various app restrictions that are currently in effect while it works through these adjustments. Keep an eye out for any updates or new information regarding how these changes may affect the Tumblr experience you now have.


How do I enable sensitive content on Tumblr iOS?

If you are over the age of 18, you can change the settings for your account so that the “Hide additional potentially mature content” toggle is turned off. You won’t be able to make any changes to this setting within the iOS app; it can only be accessed on the website.

How do I turn off sensitive mode on Tumblr?

You may access the Safe Mode option by going to the Settings section of your Tumblr dashboard, where it will be enabled by default. If you tapped on it, you would see three options, and the one that said “Hide all sensitive content” would have a checkmark next to it by default. Selecting “Don’t hide anything” will turn off the safe mode, allowing you to view any content that is labelled as being inappropriate for younger audiences.

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