How to Turn off Autocorrect on Any Device

But the steps to turn off autocorrect might be slightly different.

Autocorrect is a nice feature that automatically fixes spelling mistakes as you type in a text field. It can help you find mistakes and make sure your messages are perfect before you send them. This article is about How to Turn off Autocorrect on Any Device.

Autocorrect is a blessing for some Mac users. The feature can help you fix grammar and spelling mistakes by comparing the words you type to a large internal dictionary. If it finds mistakes, it will replace them with the correct spelling. This makes sure that there are no typos in the documents.

Some people hate autocorrect because it changes the spelling of proper names, street addresses, and abbreviations without reason, making the text read wrong. Autocorrect is usually turned on by default on a Mac, but it is easy to turn it off.

AutoCorrect is a feature of software that is often found in word processors like Microsoft Word. As the name suggests, this feature fixes spelling mistakes and other common mistakes in a document automatically.

Turn off Autocorrect on iPhone

Turn off Autocorrect

Disable Autocorrect in the Keyboard Settings

Autocorrect is turned on by default on the iPhone. But if it bothers you, all you have to do is turn it off:

  • Click on Settings.
  • Click General, then Keyboard.
  • Turn off Auto-Correction under All Keyboards.

Disable Autocorrect From the Keyboard

You can also turn off this feature while using your iPhone keyboard:

  • Press the emoji or globe button for a long time.
  • Tap Keyboard Settings.
  • Turn off Auto-Correction.

Don’t Forget to Disable Check Spelling

Since you turned off autocorrect, your device will not fix misspelt words anymore. However, if you have the Check Spelling feature turned on, errors will still be underlined in red to show that they are probably wrong.

Even when autocorrect is turned off, your keyboard can still help you fix words you misspelt. Tap on the word that is underlined. Your keyboard will tell you what to type. If you tap on one of the suggestions, it will replace the old word with the one you chose.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Android

Most Android phones and tablets come with Gboard, Google’s own keyboard app, already installed. If you use Gboard, you can turn off autocorrect by following our steps. If you want a different keyboard, you can easily change the Android keyboard by downloading one of the many third-party apps from the app store.

But the steps to turn off autocorrect might be slightly different. For more information, look at the developer’s official documentation. Depending on your device, this process may also be a little different. The switch to turn off autocorrect on Gboard is buried deep in the Settings menu of your phone.

You will need to open Gboard settings to get there. You can do this by going to Settings > System & updates > Languages and input > Keyboards > Gboard in the Settings app. On Android devices, you can get to the autocorrect area faster by opening the keyboard, holding down the comma key for a while, and then tapping the gear icon that appears.

No matter how you get to Gboard’s settings, choose Text correction once you are there. Next, under the heading “Corrections,” slide the switch for “Auto-correction” to “Off.”

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Samsung Devices

If you’ve ever owned a Samsung phone or tablet, you know that the company does not use the stock Android operating system. Instead, Samsung devices run One UI, which is a skin for Android that Samsung made. Autocorrect is one of the many ways that Stock Android and Samsung’s skin are different. Here are the steps to turn off autocorrect on Samsung devices with Android 11 or later:

  • Open the app for Settings.
  • If you are using the built-in solution, go to General management and click on Samsung Keyboard Settings.
  • Under Smart typing, turn off Predictive text.

Follow these steps to turn off autocorrect on older Samsung phones and tablets:

  • Go to Apps > Settings to open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to the section called “System.”
  • Tap on the Language and input icon.
  • Choose “Default” from the list of possible choices. If you have a different keyboard, this may have a different name.
  • Scroll down the menu until you find “Auto replace” and click on it.
  • Flick the toggle in the upper right-hand corner into the Off position.

As you can see, it is not too hard to turn off autocorrect on a Samsung device. If you want to know how to turn on autocorrect on your Samsung device, you can follow the same steps, but change the last one.

How to turn off autocorrect on Windows

  • Click the “Start” button and look through the list of apps until you find “Settings.” Choose it.
  • Pick “Gadgets.”
  • Choose “Typing” from the menu on the left.
  • To turn off the features, click the “Autocorrect misspelt words” and “Highlight misspelt words” toggles.

How to turn off autocorrect on a Mac computer

  • From the Applications toolbar, click on “System Preferences.” If you can not find it, press “Command” + “Space” on your keyboard to open “Spotlight Search,” then type “System Preferences” into the search bar.
  • “Keyboard” will open.
  • In the top bar, click “Text.”
  • Uncheck “Automatically correct spelling.” This will stop autocorrect from working.


Why does my phone keep auto correcting words?

Auto-correct is a feature that can be found on Apple and Android phones, PCs, and programmes like Outlook. Its goal is to make typing easier by changing any words, letters, or punctuation it thinks you typed wrong.

How do I take off autocorrect?

Settings > System > Language and input > Keyboards > Gboard > Text correction > Auto-capitalization will let you do this. To turn it off, slide the switch to the “Off” position.

Why is autocorrect bad on iPhone?

Some say it can pick up our spelling mistakes and bad writing habits […] Over time, Apple’s autocorrect has become smarter and more aggressive. It now changes words based on the words that came before them in a sentence and even changes words you have already typed.

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