How to Turn Off Live Captions on Any Device

Subtitles are a godsend for people who can’t hear or understand what’s being said in a video. But these captions could be distracting if they aren’t needed, wrong if the audio source isn’t clear, or turned on by accident if there’s a bug or error. Because of this, you can turn off subtitles on Disney Plus, YouTube, and other apps that let you watch videos. But you want to know if Live Caption can also be turned off on your Google Chrome browser or Android phone.

How is it even possible? Live Captions is one of those features that you didn’t know you needed until it was there. In essence, it puts captions on every sound that your device plays so that it is easy to understand. Live Caption is a feature of Chrome that makes captions for audio as it plays in your browser.

Even though the caption window is useful and easy to change, it can make it hard to see what’s going on in your browser. If you agree and want to turn off Live Caption, it’s simple to do so. Live Captions, as was already said, are captions that show up on your Android 12 phones. When Live Captions are turned on, your device will show text for any sound that is playing, no matter how loud it is.

How to Turn off Live Caption on Android Phone

How to Turn Off Live Captions
  • Press the volume button.
  • Once the volume controls appear, tap the Live Caption button to disable it.

Another way you can turn off Live Caption

  • Open the Settings of your mobile and scroll down to choose the Accessibility option.
  • Move to Live Caption and tweak the icon to turn the function off.

How to Turn Off Live Caption on Chrome

  • Open Chrome web browser Settings or type in the address to your browser: chrome://settings
  • Click Advanced and then Accessibility to investigate the controls menu.
  • In the drop-down menu, toggle off the Live Caption to disable the feature.

Turn off Live Caption on YouTube

For All YouTube Videos

  • Click the profile icon at the top of the screen and then tab the settings icon from the drop-down menu.
  • Move to the “Playback and performance” section of the settings panel. There are two ways to turn off live caption. Uncheck the box that says “Always show captions” to turn off captions.

for a Specific YouTube Video

When you watch a YouTube video, it’s easy to turn off the Live Caption. Live Caption can be turned off by clicking the “CC” icon at the bottom of the video.

How to Turn Off Live Captions in Windows 11

Disable Live Captions via Action Center

  • To open the Action Center pane, press Windows + A on your keyboard or tap the WiFi or Volume buttons in the system tray. Next, click on the icon for accessibility.
  • In the next pane, you can turn on or off the Live captions feature by clicking the switch next to Live captions.

Disable Live Captions via Settings App

  • Open Windows setting.
  • Choose Accessibility on the left side, and then click Captions on the right pane.
  • You will see the Live captions toggle switch. When you turn on Live Captions for the first time, you will be asked to download the language files for Live Captions.
  • If you want to change how the captions look, click the “Caption style” drop-down menu and choose “White on black,” “Yellow on blue,” “Small caps,” or “Large text.”
  • When you turn on Live Captions, it will automatically turn any video or audio you play on your computer into text that is easy to read.

Turn on Closed Captions or SDH on iPhone

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Scroll down and touch Accessibility.
  • Tap Subtitles & Captioning in the “Hearing” menu.
  • Set the switch next to Closed Captions & SDH to the green ON position.
  • In the last menu, you can also change how captions and subtitles look.

Turn on Closed Captions On Mac

  • Click the Apple icon in the menu bar at the top left of your Mac’s screen and choose System Preferences.
  • Click the pane for Accessibility settings.
  • Scroll down the sidebar and click Captions. Then click the box next to Prefer closed captions and SDH.
  • Note that the options on the last screen above can be used to change the captions and subtitles.

What is Live Captions

At Google I/O in May 2019, Google showed off a new system called Live Caption that can automatically caption videos. It does this by serving real-time captions for all audio on your mobile device (including voice calls on Pixel phones). It’s a way for the 466 million deaf people in the world to use the computer. But it can also help people who are on a noisy commuter train or trying to listen to a podcast without waking a sleeping baby.

Live Caption only works on your Android phone, so you don’t need data or a Wi-Fi connection. To turn on Live Caption on your Android phone, you need to press the volume button. Under the volume slider, you’ll see an icon that looks like a square with lines and dots in it. Tap this icon to turn on or off Live Caption.


What is a live caption?

When Live Caption is turned on, speech in the media playing on your device is captioned. During calls, captions also show up on Pixel phones. The person on the other end of the call is told that captions are on with a voice message. All captions are processed on your device and are never saved or sent anywhere else.

What are the benefits of live captions?

Live captions make meetings more accessible for people who might not be able to hear the speakers or other sounds at the event. They give people access and help people who might be distracted or who don’t speak English as their first language.

What is the purpose of captions?

Captioning is important because it makes videos easier to understand in many ways. It lets people who are deaf or hard of hearing watch videos, helps people focus on and remember the information better, and lets people watch them in places where noise is a problem.

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