How to Turn Off NumLock on Laptop: Windows and Mac

Because laptops are smaller than desktop computers, many of them don’t have a separate numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard. The keys on the numeric keypad are shared with a group of keys in the middle of the keyboard to save room. To use a laptop’s numeric keypad, you have to turn on the NumLock key on your computer. The NumLock key makes part of the main keyboard work like a number pad instead of letters. But what if you want to turn off NumLock on laptop, we will help you in that.

With your laptop’s number lock feature, you can quickly type in a string of numbers, such as those for your business’s books. The tool turns the keypad on your laptop into a 10-key number pad like the one on a calculator. When you are done entering numbers, you can turn the function off.

The number lock feature is made to be easy to turn on and off for the user’s ease. The Numlock key on a modern computer is probably the least useful and most annoying one. With just one mistaken tap, a bunch of your keys will start to show numbers. How do you turn off Numlock on a computer so that it stays off?

How to Turn Off NumLock on Laptop: Windows

How to Turn Off NumLock on Laptop: Windows and Mac

Keyboard Method

  • Hold the “Fn” button down. The button is blue and should be in the bottom left corner of the computer, next to the Windows button.
  • Click on the box that says “Scroll.” It should be the fourth button from the right on the top row. Under “Scroll,” a blue box should say “Num lk.” If your HP laptop type has a light for the number lock, it will now turn on.
  • When you let go of the “Fn” button, try to type the letter “J.” If you see a “J” instead of a “1,” the number lock is no longer on.

On-Screen Method

  • Click on “Start” in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • hit “All Programs,” then move your mouse over “Accessories,” then “Accessibility,” and finally hit “On-Screen Keyboard.” If you have Vista or a newer operating system, you can type “On screen keyboard” into the search box and then click on the program that comes up.
  • Click the “NLK” button above the number pad on the right side of your on-screen keyboard to lock the numbers. The number lock is off when the button goes gray.

How to Turn Off NumLock on Mac

If you’re used to using a normal PC keyboard, you’ve probably seen the Number Lock button in the top left corner of the number pad. This button lets you either use the numbers on the number pad or turn off the numbers so you can use the keys as arrows. The standard Macintosh keyboard doesn’t have a Number Lock key, and the Number Lock number pad doesn’t have any lines.

  • Click on the Apple sign and choose “System Preferences.” Then, choose “Universal Access” under “System.”
  • Click the “Mouse” button. Choose “On” where it says “Mouse Keys.” If you press a number on the number pad, the mouse will move as if you had pressed an arrow key. The number 8 moves the mouse up, the number 2 moves the mouse down, the number 4 moves the arrow left, and the number 6 moves the arrow right.
  • Click on “Press the Option key five times to turn Mouse Keys on or off” to allow the shortcut for turning Num Lock on and off. Put an end to “System Preferences.”
  • Five times on the “Option” key. The mouse keys will work. If you press a number on the number pad, the mouse will move.


What happens with NumLock on laptop?

The NumLock key makes part of the main keyboard work like a number pad instead of letters. When NumLock is turned on, the 7-8-9, u-i-o, j-k-l, and m keys can be used as a number pad. If the computer has a numeric keypad, the NumLock key only turns the numbers on or off on the numeric keypad.

Do all laptops have NumLock?

Some keyboards, like those on laptops, aren’t big enough to have a Num Lock key. In other cases, the Num Lock key doesn’t work, doesn’t appear, or users can’t find it. The good news is that Windows has a tool called “On-Screen Keyboard” that can help. Click the Start button or hit the Windows key.

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