How to Type Copyright Symbol on Keyboard

Type © without copying! Easy tricks for Windows, Mac, and laptops.

Intellectual property that is protected by Type Copyright Symbol on Keyboard. It serves as a notice to the public stating that the owner of the work has the exclusive authority to duplicate it. The symbol is applied to literary or artistic works that are visually appealing, such as literature, images, films, or artwork.

Standard typewriters did not have the © symbol available until the advent of digital technology. People typically type a C in parenthesis (C) in its place. However, typing has never been simpler in a world where digital keyboards and cellphones are commonplace.

These days, it’s common to see copyright used on social media when someone shares a picture, a video, or a quotation from another person. Although this isn’t actually the purpose of the copyright sign, people often place it before the name of the person whose work they used to give credit to them. Giving someone “credit” for utilising their work doesn’t grant you the right to use it without the owner’s consent.

On Windows

  1. When you see Character Map listed in the search results, click it after typing “Character” into the Start search box.
  2. Double-click the copyright icon when you find it.
  3. The copyright ought to show up in the field at the window’s bottom. Press the Copy button.
  4. You no longer need the Character Map app, so close it.
  5. Copy and paste the symbol into your writing.

On Mac

  1. To use the Character Viewer, press Control + Cmd + Space or select Edit > Emoji & Symbols in any application.
  2. Choose Letter-like Symbols from the menu on the left.
  3. To insert a symbol, double-click on it.

On Android

  1. To access the number pad, tap the icon located on the bottom left.
  2. Press the =/^ button to bring up the pad of special characters.
  3. To place the copyright symbol where you want it, find it and tap on it once.

On iPhone

  1. Open any application that allows you to type, such as an online form, Notes, or Messages.
  2. To switch to the emoji keyboard, tap the globe icon located in the bottom left corner of your keyboard.
  3. Use the search bar to look for “copyright” or swipe through the available emojis.
  4. To add the © symbol to your text, tap on it.

Placement and Format:

  • Position: Place the copyright symbol © directly before the work you want to protect.
How to Type Copyright Symbol on Keyboard
  • Order: It’s typically followed by the year of publication and the copyright owner’s name (or an abbreviation).
  • Example: © 2023 Jane Doe

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Windows: Hold Alt and type 0169 on the numeric keypad.
  • Mac: Press Option + G.
  • Mobile Devices: Use emoji keyboards, text replacement, or character viewers.

Word Processors and Text Editors:

  • Insert symbol: Use the “Symbol” or “Special Characters” menu.
  • Autocorrect: Some programs convert (c) into the © symbol automatically.
  • Shows it’s yours and tells people not to use it without permission.
  • Might stop others from using it wrongly.
  • Helps if you need to take legal action.
  • Some places see the symbol as proof you own it.
  • Puts the responsibility on others to prove they’re allowed to use it.
  • Tells people you care about your work’s rights.
  • Makes you look good as someone who protects what they create.
  • Builds trust with people you work with and those who like what you make.


How do you type the copyright symbol on a Mac?

On the Mac, adding the copyright mark to any type of document is easy, but you’ll need to learn a keyboard shortcut for it. Press Option + G on your keyboard to bring up the copyright sign in any app or document.

Can you put a copyright symbol on anything?

You are permitted to display the copyright sign on any of your original works. It is crucial to remember that the copyright sign in no way strengthens the protection of your work. All you are doing is asserting that you are the copyright holder.

How do you add a copyright?

There are only four simple components you need to include: The copyright symbol © or the word “copyright” The name of the copyright owner or author of the work. The year the content was published, which can be different from the year of creation.

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