How to Unlock Young Kratos in God of War Valhalla

Unravel the secrets of Valhalla! This guide unlocks the classic Kratos skin & lets you rage like a young god again.

After finishing God of War Ragnarok’s Valhalla DLC, players will be able to access a number of goodies, but the most enjoyable is undoubtedly the option to alter Kratos’ appearance to resemble his younger self. With a single button press, players can transition between the youthful and Kratos, and they can wear the traditional Unlock Young Kratos in God of War Valhalla and a standard God of War Ragnarok playthrough.

Players will have to work hard for their gift, as is typically the case with prizes like these. A typical playthrough of Valhalla takes about four hours to complete and includes a few boss fights that are fairly difficult. However, the majority will think it’s well worth the effort, especially those who have been

Who is Young Kratos and His Significance in the Game?

You can play through the DLC as the original Ghost of Sparta in God of War Valhalla by using the juvenile Kratos skin, also known as Classic Kratos from the original God of War trilogy. The fact that this skin can still be used in God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus mode is even more thrilling.

The fun thing is that you can replay these tasks again and time again, with fresh surprises each time. Nevertheless, if you lose a run, just like in most roguelikes, you restart and improve Kratos’s fighting abilities and other features to take on challenging sections once more. It may not be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re looking to try something new with Kratos, it’s definitely worth a try.

How to Unlock Young Kratos in God of War Valhalla

  1. You must finish Valhalla’s loops in order to go through the main story of GOW’s Ragnarok DLC.
  2. You will have to defeat Tyr four times throughout your ordeals; be advised, however, that the fourth and final battle is challenging on any of the later difficulty settings.
  3. After the fourth battle is over, Kratos confronts the thing Valhalla has been forcing him to face.
  4. Following God of War Valhalla’s conclusion, you’ll be able to stroll back outside and return to the main hub area.
  5. Once you have spoken with Freya and Sigrun, you will receive an alert indicating that the Valhalla DLC has been finished.
  6. Kratos will finally return to your control. Once you have, proceed to the interactive makeup pillar.
  7. In the bottom-right corner, you should now see an option to click R3, as shown above, and doing so will give Kratos that more youthful, old-school look.

Tips and Strategies for Finding Young Kratos in God of War Valhalla

  • Explore Midgard: Kratos’ homeland in Norse mythology could hold clues. Seek hidden areas, decipher ancient runes, and interact with mystical elements within Midgard’s diverse landscapes.
  • Follow the whispers of prophecy: Norse myths sometimes foretell the arrival of powerful figures. Pay attention to cryptic messages, seemingly unrelated stories, or recurring symbols that might hint at Kratos’ presence.
How to Unlock Young Kratos in God of War Valhalla
  • Forge alliances with potential allies: Befriend or aid specific Norse gods or mythical beings known for their connections to war, prophecy, or other themes associated with Kratos.
  • Complete optional quests: Sometimes, seemingly unrelated quests can unlock unexpected secrets or hidden areas. Explore beyond the main story path and leave no stone unturned.
  • Test environmental triggers: Interact with statues, activate mysterious mechanisms, or solve environmental puzzles. Some might unlock secret passages or reveal hidden Kratos lore.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment: Try alternative dialogue options, explore hidden corners of familiar areas, and take unconventional approaches to challenges. Sometimes, serendipity can lead to surprising discoveries.


Is Young Kratos stronger than Old Kratos?

The strongest Kratos award goes to Old Kratos from the Norse God of War video games. The memories and remorse of his past have made the character smarter, more emotionally intelligent, and older, and they have also bound him to a better person.

How tall is young Kratos in God of War?

While there is still debate online that Kratos is 8 feet tall or taller, the character models used by the developers disprove that he was never that tall in the games. In God of War’s Greek era, Kratos is 7′ 6”, whereas, in God of War’s Norse era, he is 6′ 4”.

Who is stronger Goku or Kratos?

Still, Kratos appears to have the upper hand when it comes to pure physical prowess. That is primarily due to the fact that Goku hasn’t accomplished as many lifting feats as Kratos has.

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