How to Use CCleaner

There are more things you can do with CCleaner than just click one button. This popular Cleaning Software for Windows that helps om deleting temporary files and private information hides a number of features, from fine-grained tools for tweaking the cleaning process to tools for erasing the whole hard drive. Most people don’t know how to use CCleaner β€”just start it up and click the Run Cleaner button. But you can do a lot more with it.

Public computers in places like coffee shops, libraries, and hotels can move at a snail’s pace. This is because so many people use computers for so many different things that junk files build up on them. On a public computer, you need CCleaner for all the things you don’t really need it for at home. CCleaner has been around longer than most Windows cleaner utilities, and for a long time, it was the one everyone recommended.

But beginning in 2017, the software started having problems that hurt its reputation. The first time you run CCleaner, it can free up half a gigabyte of space. Don’t you think so? You won’t believe it, though, until you use CCleaner. This software makes your computer run as fast as a supercomputer. Go to their official site for more details.

How to Use CCleaner

How to Use CCleaner
  • Getting CCleaner and putting it on your computer. When you type the URL and click on CCleaner, your computer will start to download it.
  • Double-click the file that will install CCleaner. Here is the file that you just got.
  • When asked, click “Yes.” This brings up the window for installing CCleaner.
  • Click Setup. In the middle of the window is a blue button. The installation of CCleaner will start.
  • When asked, click Run CCleaner. When CCleaner is done installing, this blue button is in the middle of the window that comes up. When you do this, CCleaner will open and you can start using it.
  • Open CCleaner if it doesn’t open. Double-click the CCleaner app icon, which looks like a red “C” and is on the Desktop of your computer.
  • Check an area to clean. CCleaner can clean up both programmes that came with your computer and programmes that you installed yourself. By clicking on one of the following tabs, you can see which items from these programmes will be deleted:
    • Windows β€” Lists files from Windows-default programs.
    • Applications β€” Lists files from programs you’ve installed yourself.
  • Uncheck the boxes next to the things you don’t want to be deleted. Uncheck the boxes next to items you don’t want CCleaner to delete in the list of programmes below the tab you’ve chosen. & then click Analyze
  • Check the files you want to get rid of. Scroll through the list of files that CCleaner found. If there are any files you don’t want CCleaner to delete, uncheck their boxes in the left-hand pane and click Analyze again to get new results.
  • Just click Cleaner. It’s a blue button in the window’s bottom right corner.
  • When asked, click Continue. When you do this, CCleaner will start getting rid of temporary files and folders on your computer.
  • Wait for your computer to be cleaned by CCleaner. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on how many temporary files CCleaner has to delete.
  • Don’t use CCleaner more often than once every two months.

What is CCleaner

Piriform made CCleaner, which is cleaning software. Avast bought Piriform, so it is now owned by Avast. At first, the software could be used on PCs to get rid of potentially unwanted data and invalid entries in the Windows Registry. But in 2011, the people who made it decided to reach more people by making it available for Mac computers.

With the problem above in mind, PiriForm made the well-known software CCleaner. Like its name says, this tool cleans the computer’s C drive. CCleaner is a much better way to get rid of temporary files on the C drive than the built-in drive cleaner in Windows 11. This app not only deletes normal temporary files, but it also deletes temporary files. History, cookies, cache, and many other things. CCleaner also frees up a lot of space on your C drive.

But now, the answer isn’t so clear. Since CCleaner was hacked at the end of 2017, several big problems have come up. 2.27 million PC users were at risk of getting malware because of the hack. After that, people who use Windows often ask, “Is CCleaner safe for 2018?” Luckily, this problem was fixed when it was found and automatically fixed.


Is it good to use CCleaner?

CCleaner works well. As long as you don’t use its registry cleaning feature, it is completely safe. The way CCleaner cleans the registry is much safer than the way other registry cleaners do it, but none of them are 100% safe. None of them are needed, either.

What should I delete with CCleaner?

Remove passwords and other temporary internet files so that no one can see where you’ve been. CCleaner Professional can also delete browsing history when you close your web browser or when you tell it to.

Is CCleaner a Antivirus?

CCleaner is a great way to make your PC or Mac run better and safer by freeing up space and removing unnecessary files. If you already have CCleaner installed, that’s a great start, but it won’t find or get rid of viruses, spyware, or malware.

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