Dave the Diver: How to Use Escape Pod

The Escape Rod is a useful tool in Dave the Diver that can increase your chances of survival

Just a few days ago, Dave the Diver: How to Use Escape Pod was made available to the public, and since then, it has gained a significant amount of popularity all over the world. This game is an Adventure Role-Playing Game, and as such, it contains multiple activities, one of the most important of which is exploring the Blue Hole.

However, in order to survive as you explore the underwater world, you will need a few different items. If you do not have these items, the underwater world will be full of dangerous fish and other creatures. The Escape Rod is one of those items that will be of assistance to you in your attempt to survive in Dave the Diver. Nexon Korea operates MINTROCKET. 3 May 2022 saw its announcement. Dave: The Diver debuted in Early Access in October 2022. Visit Website to buy this game.

The Features and Components of Dave’s Escape Pod


  • In the event of an emergency, the Escape Pod is equipped with an emergency beacon that transmits a signal to the surface. This makes it possible to quickly and easily rescue Dave.
  • The Escape Pod is equipped with stabilizing fins that keep it upright in the water. This prevents the Escape Pod from toppling, allowing Dave to safely reach the surface.
  • The Escape Pod is equipped with an emergency release mechanism that allows Dave to escape the pod in an emergency. This safety feature can be activated in the event of a malfunction or other emergency.


  • The Escape Pod is equipped with a propulsion system that allows it to travel to the surface. This propulsion system is powered by batteries or an alternative source of energy.
Dave the Diver: How to Use Escape Pod
  • The Escape Pod’s life support system is comprised of an oxygen tank, a carbon dioxide scrubber, and a water filter. Together, these systems provide Dave with the air, water, and other life-sustaining functions he needs to survive underwater.
  • In the event of an emergency, the Escape Pod’s emergency beacon is a radio transmitter that transmits a signal to the surface. This signal can be detected by rescue teams, who can then use it to locate Dave and bring him to safety.

How to Use Escape Pod in Dave the Diver

  1. Escape Pod is a much simpler alternative to returning to the surface. You can use it even while deep underwater, and it will immediately return you to the boat. This is extremely useful when deep diving, as returning to the boat on your own would be difficult or even impossible due to the limited oxygen supply.
  2. During your dives, look for a walkie-talkie icon to summon an Escape Pod. Hold SPACE while approaching the icon to interact with it.
  3. The Pod will descend to your location, and Dave will board it automatically. This will immediately return you to your boat, ending the current dive and changing the time of day.
  4. The Escape Pod is free to use, and the walkie-talkies required to summon it can be found throughout the Blue Hole.

Safety Measures and Precautions to Use Escape Pod

  • Know how to operate the escape pod: it is crucial to understand how to operate the escape pod. This includes knowing how to deploy the pod, activate the emergency beacon, and use the life support system.
  • Use the escape pod only in an emergency: The escape pod should only be used in a dire situation. If swimming to the surface is possible, that is the preferred option.
  • Deploy the escape pod in a protected area: The escape pod should be deployed in a safe area, away from potential dangers. This includes avoiding areas with strong currents or where the pod could be damaged when deploying the pod.
  • Remain calm: When utilizing the escape pod in an emergency, it is essential to remain calm. This will aid you in operating the pod efficiently and preventing errors.

Advantages of Using an Escape Pod

  • Safety: Escape pods are designed to protect the diver in the event of an emergency. They are equipped with life support systems that can keep the diver alive for a certain amount of time, even if the diver is underwater.
  • Convenience: Escape pods are a convenient way to get to the surface quickly. They can be deployed in seconds, and they can travel to the surface at a much faster speed than a diver can swim.
  • Efficiency: Escape pods are a more efficient way to get to the surface than swimming. They use less energy, and they can travel to the surface in a straight line, which is faster than swimming.


How do you exit the game Dave the Diver?

Phone > Settings > Scroll down to “Save and Return to Title” The author of this thread has indicated that this post is relevant to the thread’s initial topic. You will eventually unlock a phone in-game. Phone > Settings > Scroll down to “Save and Return to Title”

How do you open the escape pod hatch in Prey?

Return to the Escape Pod Bay and proceed to the windows at the far end of the room. When the Maintenance Access Panel is opened, the Escape Pod Console is revealed. Select both “Auxiliary Launch Controls” and “Launch Pod 2.” A countdown of ten seconds will commence, and the pod will launch successfully.

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