How to use Flux Construct Core in Tears of the Kingdom

Early on in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will probably how to use Flux Construct Core in Tears of the Kingdom. If you think it looks like a miniboss, you’d be entirely right! It’s called the Flux Construct 1, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll quickly get killed.

When the Flux Construct Core is dropped, there isn’t much you can do with it. This is not something you can put in your inventory, and you can’t use it as a weapon, shield, or bow ammunition.

But the things you can do with it depend on your Fuse skill. Once you figure out how, killing this boss and using the items it drops, like the scary-strong Flux Construct 1 Core, isn’t too hard. Also, we’ve already died so that you don’t have to. Below we will mentioned some steps to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Flux Construct 1 Core.

How to use Flux Construct Core in Tears of the Kingdom

  1. Use the Flux Construct Core to join your weapon or shield.
  2. This fusion improves your weapon and makes it do a lot more damage.
  3. Find out how to beat Flux Constructs well.
  4. Help with the first type of enemy can be found in a guide.
  5. You can use Flux Construct Cores to level up your weapons.
  6. Using Flux Construct Cores can help you beat enemies that are hard to beat.

How To Beat Flux Constructs In Tears Of The Kingdom

How to use Flux Construct Core in Tears of the Kingdom
  • Get ready with your character: Make sure your character is at the right level and has the right gear for the fight.
  • Find Flux Constructs: Look up in the sky of Tears of the Kingdom to find the Flux Constructs. Look for where they spawn or use clues in the game to find them.
  • Look at their skills: Learn how the Flux Constructs attack, what special skills they have, and where they are weak. Having this information will help you come up with a good plan.
  • Form a group: To improve your chances of winning, you might want to work with other players. When players work together, the battle can be easier and less stressful.
  • Take advantage of their weaknesses: If you know what the Flux Constructs are weak at, use that information to your advantage. Some skills or elements might work better against them, so change your strategy as needed.
  • Practice and determination: Sometimes, getting past Flux Constructs takes practice and determination. Keep improving your strategy and your skills, and you’ll eventually be able to beat them.


What do I do with flux construct core?

Flux Construct 1 drops the Flux Construct 1 Core. You can’t pick this item up, but you can attach it to a weapon to give it a massive damage spike. Simply put, equip a weapon that hasn’t been Fused yet (we used a Zonaite sword for the flavor win), use the Fuse ability to create a terrifying looking weapon.

How do you fight flux construct?

To defeat Flux Constructs, you must target the illuminated Cube that houses the Construct’s Core, which serves as its power source. To achieve this, you must patiently await the Construct’s attacks, as each attack reveals the Cube in distinct regions.23 hours ago

What to do with raw flux fallout?

Before it can be used in crafting, the raw flux must be stabilized at a chemistry station by combining it with a glowing mass, hardened mass and high-radiation fluids which can be found on the bodies of creatures in the blast zone.

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