How to Use Wetransfer

WeTransfer is a well-known and free file transfer service that lets you send large files for personal or group projects. One of the best ways to share files is through WeTransfer. It’s easy, safe, and doesn’t cost anything. With WeTransfer, you can share large files up to 2 GB for free and up to 20 GB for WeTransfer Plus, which is a lot more than you can do with an email attachment. You can share large files in almost any format with it. But most people don’t know how to use Wetransfer.

WeTransfer is one of the most popular ways to share files. WeTransfer is easy to use, and it also lets people share large files in almost any format. With WeTransfer’s free service, you can share up to 2 GB of files at once, which is a lot more than most email attachment sizes.

When you pay for the service, you can share up to 20 GB of files at once. Even though it hasn’t had much competition because there aren’t many other platforms for sharing large files, the competition has gotten tougher in recent years. Apple users, for example, may prefer to use iCloud Mail Drop instead, even though the limit is only 5GB. Download Wetransfer from here.

How to Use Wetransfer

How to Use Wetransfer

Transfer Within An Internet Browser

  • On the computer where the file(s) are, open an Internet browser.
  • Type and hit the Enter key.
  • Select “Add Files.”
  • Find the file you want to upload and click it. Then click “Open.”
  • Click on Your Email, then type in your email address.
  • To move, click Transfer. This will upload your file(s), and WeTransfer will send you an email with a link to download the file.
  • Open your email and look for the link to the file.
  • Either give the link to the person you want to send the file to, or open an Internet browser where you want to send the file.
  • Copy the link to the download from the email, paste it into the address bar, and hit Enter.
  • Click “Download” to save the file to your computer.
  • The file will be put in the folder for downloads, which is usually called “Downloads.”

How to Transfer Within WeTransfer App

  • Open the WeTransfer app on your computer or smartphone.
  • From within the app, click Create Transfer.
  • This will bring up a window where you can choose the files you want to send.
  • You can use your computer’s navigation tools to find the files you want to send, or you can use the drag-and-drop feature, if it’s available.
  • When the files are picked, click Next and then enter your email address.
  • You will be asked for the email address and name of the person you want to send it to.
  • Click the Next Step button to go on.
  • Choose the size of the transfer and a list of contacts
  • Choose the amount of bandwidth you want to use.
  • Choose if you want it to be transferred right away or later, and when it needs to be used by.
  • What list of your contacts you should use.
  • If you have used WeTransfer before, you can also look at the transfers you have already made.
  • Getting the File There
  • Once you have entered all of your information, you will be asked to give the transfer a name and a description.
  • Then you can choose how you want to send the files: by email, IM, or social media.
  • Your contacts list and the file you send will both show up in the same window.
  • After that, you can choose who should get the transfer link.
  • When you’re ready to send it, click the “Next Step” button.

How To Send A File Through An Email With WeTransfer

Sending a File Via Email

  • You can either attach the file(s) to an email or send a link to it.
  • If you decide to add it to your contacts, the file will be sent to them as a link, and they won’t have to download it. (This helps if the files are too big for the email account of the recipient.)
  • When you’re happy with your choice, click “Next Step.”
  • As soon as you click Next Step, the email will be sent to the people you want it to go to. However, they will need to download the files before they can view or use them.
  • They will see the name of the file, its size, and any notes you have added about the transfer.

Reviewing File Transfer Emails

  • If you sent an email transfer, you could look at it by clicking on Downloads at the bottom of your WeTransfer window.

What is WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a platform for sharing large files that is based in the cloud. Sharing files is an important service today. Email is great for sending small files, and cloud storage like Google Drive or iCloud is great for sharing photos, documents, or videos with high quality. But over time, these storage options run out of room and need to be cleaned up all the time.

WeTransfer is a great way to share files without having to worry about your storage space all the time. You can use the basic features for free or pay for WeTransfer Pro, which has more features. WeTransfer lets you share files online safely without having to sign up for an account.

You can use this service to send a file to someone just once without adding them to your list of contacts. You can also give these files an end date, at which point they will be deleted on their own. This feature also makes sure that your storage space is always made available.


Is WeTransfer a free service?

With the free service, you can send up to 2 GB, which is a lot. You can also get a free WeTransfer account, which will always be free. With our WeTransfer Pro account, we can send up to 200 GB of files and have 1 TB of storage space. We also have full control over the transfer.

Is it safe to use WeTransfer?

How safe is WeTransfer? There are a lot of great safety features in WeTransfer. These include a TLS encryption protocol for files that are being sent, AES 256-bit encryption for files that are being stored on WeTransfer’s servers, and two-factor authentication for registered account users.

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