What Is Smart Home Hub? Everything You Need To Know

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The more smart home devices you add to your home, the more you need one of the best smart home hubs. A smart home hub acts as a centralized place from which you can control all of your various devices, be it lights, locks, garage door openers, thermostats, cameras, and more. More importantly, a smart home hub allows you to connect all those smart home devices together. For example, when you lock your smart lock, a smart home hub can tell your lights to turn off and your thermostat to go into eco mode. It is a key device to create an automated smart home.

Everything you need to know about Smart Home Hub

What is the smart home hub?

A smart home hub is a control device or app that allows homeowners to monitor and adjust the automated features of a home. They come as hardware, like a keyboard, or software, like a mobile app, or both. Smart home hubs have been around for decades, but didn’t really take off until the advent of fast wireless home technology and the subsequent explosion of new smart home devices.

Regardless of their form, the hubs aim to help people manage the various connected parts of a smart home, from adjusting thermostat settings to opening a door for the babysitter to send the family’s latest shopping list to the store for delivery. The latest trend in hubs is the increasingly popular smart speakers and displays, such as Lenovo Smart Assistant and Lenovo Smart Display, which can be connected to many smart home devices to form a kind of ad hoc hub.

Why the smart home can be confusing

At the most basic level, smart (or connected or Internet of Things) devices can interact with other devices and can be controlled remotely. Most consumer-grade smart devices rely on a wireless radio signal to connect, both to each other and to the device you use to control them (usually a smartphone). There are several wireless systems that allow devices to communicate with each other, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ClearConnect, Insteon, Z-Wave, and Zigbee, but they are not compatible with each other. In addition, each standard has strong and weak points, such as range, speed or energy consumption.

Many smart devices are not only based on a wireless communication method, but also integrate with different platforms such as Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit, which can be exclusive or proprietary. In functional terms, this means that some smart devices work exclusively with a specific smart home platform, while others are compatible with several. If you walk down the smart home aisle of a home goods or electronics store and select products at random, you’ll find that many of them aren’t directly compatible with each other. When making a purchase, you need to find out what works with what.

When you take all of these variables into account, you’ll quickly discover that setting up a smart home system can quickly become complicated. That’s one of the reasons smart hubs are so appealing: they combine compatibility and control across a wide range of devices.

How smart hubs work

A smart hub is basically a minicomputer equipped with a series of wireless radio transmitters and receivers, all housed in a neat box. It connects to your home network and can act as an intermediary, receiving and transmitting messages to your other smart devices through its various radios as needed. Since the hub is connected to your home network, you can send commands via your smartphone whether you’re at home or away, one of the great benefits of smart home technology.

Most centers have their own smartphone app that allows you to sort and organize your devices however you like: by room, floor, or type. Apps often have a dashboard that allows direct control of devices, much like the buttons on a TV remote: one icon turns on a light bulb, another locks the door, and another lets you adjust the temperature on your thermostat.

On a more sophisticated level, hubs also allow you to configure simultaneous groups of controls called modes, scenes, or routines that affect multiple devices at once. This is where true intelligence comes in. Modes refer to general states, such as home, away, on vacation, or asleep. For each of these modes, you can turn the devices on or off, or set them to work in a certain way. And with a hub, you can have these modes automatically activated by sensors, your phone’s location, or the touch of a button. Similarly, scenes are custom settings for specific situations. You can create a “good morning” scene that turns the kitchen lights red, has your smart speaker play the first half of Van Halen’s “1984,” turns the temperature up to 72 degrees, and raises all the shades. The routines are more like programmed or automated scenes: when you get home, the alarm goes off, the garage door opens, the front door unlocks, the living room light comes on, and the second half of Van’s seminal song Halen from 1984 plays in the studio. .

Depending on the hub, the number of devices in your arsenal, and the technical skills of the person setting it all up, a lot of magic is possible. But that’s not realistically the case for many people: hubs require debugging, sometimes they crash or may require code tuning, and the learning curve gets steeper the more you want to do.

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