Why you should root your Android device

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Rooting (or jailbreaking for iPhone lovers) is the process of “unlocking” your phone’s operating system. It gives you “administrator” or “super user” access, which means you can make any changes to your operating system, including ones that phone manufacturers and carriers normally prohibit. rooting According to Kaspersky, 7.6% of all Android users root, but we want to talk to you about the 92.4% who don’t.

Rooting allows you to remove barriers and open Android to unprecedented control. Rooting gives you control over almost every aspect of your device and allows the software to work the way you want it to. No longer a slave to OEMs and their slow (or nonexistent) support, bloatware, and questionable decisions. Instead, you control what stays on your phone and what goes out.

But rooting is more than just for hobbyists, it’s also a way to improve your phone and extend the life of older devices. It is a way to get rid of Google watch and improve security. With it, you can extend the functionality of applications and even improve the performance of hardware. And it puts you in control of your data without having to rely on the incompetence of OEMs and carriers.

Why you should root your Android device

Battery improvements

Battery life is a crucial factor for any device. Nothing really matters if you can’t use your phone all day without needing some extra juice. Sometimes the phone you’re stuck with doesn’t have great battery life, but there’s not much you can do about it. This is where the root comes in. Apps like Greenify give you much more control over which apps can drain your battery. Scans running applications and allows you to select applications to “hibernate” when not in use. This prevents apps from consuming battery power in the background. It’s great for apps you don’t use often.

Better backups

Just like your computer, a phone is full of data and media that needs to be backed up from time to time. The default non-root backup tools are decent, but leave a bit to be desired. With root, you can literally backup anything. This includes your entire settings and applications. A “NANDroid” backup creates a system image, which essentially acts as a restore point for your phone. If something goes wrong, you can restore exactly how the phone was configured at the time of backup.

custom ROMs

The best thing about root might be the custom ROMs. This is one of the most popular reasons to root a phone. A custom ROM is literally a custom version of Android for your device. Some of the most popular ROMs are LineageOS, CarbonROM, and Paranoid Android. Developers can often push Android updates and features to phones faster than manufacturers. If you are not satisfied with the software on your device, a custom ROM can give you a whole new experience.

deep automation

There are many “automation” apps available on the Play Store these days. IFTTT is a popular tool for automating Internet services. However, for experienced Android users, Tasker is the holy grail of automation. It doesn’t require root, but you can go a lot deeper once you have it. Things that would normally require manual toggling, like turning off GPS, switching between networks, or turning off the screen, can be automated if you’re rooted. If you’re serious about automation, root Tasker opens up a lot more possibilities.

extreme customization

Personalization is a big topic in the Android community. It is one of the main features that differentiates Android from other mobile operating systems. You can already do a lot of customization without root, but nothing is off limits once you have it. You can change the startup logo, install a custom system font, redesign navigation bar buttons, use a different lock screen, and more. Obviously, a custom ROM is one way to maximize customization, but there are plenty of things you can do with any version of Android and root access.

More powerful applications

Root gives apps the ability to mess with things on a system level. Obviously this comes with some caveats. An unauthorized app with root access can cause a lot of damage. You too can do amazing things. Once you have root access, you need to search for “root” in the Play Store. You will discover a whole new world of options.

Delete any app

Bloatware is an annoying part of most Android devices. Manufacturers and carriers love to pre-install useless apps. Up to 20 apps can be pre-installed on a carrier phone. Most people never use these apps. They just take up space and get in the way. Android allows you to uninstall or disable most bloatware apps, but root allows you to go further. Titanium Backup allows you to completely remove any application. This can be dangerous if you delete the wrong app. Be sure to only remove applications that are not essential to the system.

Final words: Why you should root your Android device

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